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NO, pumping and nipple stimulation, can cause early labor.

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Q: If your breasts are leaking a lot during pregnancy can you pump them?
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Why are your breasts leaking milk?

It is totally normal to have that during pregnancy but don't pump. To begin pumping too soon before labor begins can lead to premature labor because you can stimulate the hormones and put yourself into early labor. The only time they recommend that is when you are over due.

Does leaking breast after pregnancy hurt?

Your breasts will be sore once your milk comes in because you will be very engorged, but the leaking itself doesnt hurt at all. Buy a breast pump it will help with your breasts being engorged and will also help stimulate the milk to come in, keep in mind that when your baby nurses he/she will be able to get ALOT more milk out than you can get out with a breast pump so don't think your milk hasn't come in just because you wont get much from pumping.

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