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If your breasts are sore but your pregnancy test was negative could it have been too soon to test?


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Hello there. Yes it could be too soon to test hun. Or you may not be releasing enough HCG into your urine. This sometimes happens and when it does happen, it takes a longer to get a positive on a HPT. This happened to me and I didn't know whether I was pregnant or not.I would say wait a week and do another HPT. Try testing with a few different brands of HPT incase one will give you a positive. If you do get a positive, no matter how faint, YOU MUST see your doctor for confirmation. Good luck. Please recommend me if I've helped you.

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Yes, because when you took the first pregnancy test it could have been too early in the pregnancy to detect any hCG.

Personally I haven't heard of sharp pains in your beasts being a sign of a period. Tender breasts are signs of periods or pregnancy or even hormonal changes. It is possible it could be pregnancy related or you may have fibrostic breasts which can cause breast discomfort and pain.

Answering "Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, could I still be pregnant?

Hello. Breast discharge due to pregnancy doesn't occur until the woman is in her second or third trimester so its unlikely this is pregnancy related. If the discharge is clear coloured or a milky colour then this is very common and usually caused by too much progesterone in your blood. Its completely harmless. Some nipple discharge is also caused by massaging of the breasts or handling of the breasts. I would see your doctor for a breast examination to make sure its not caused by a milk duct infection.

No. The only thing that will cause a negative pregnancy test is no HCG in your Urine. A pregnancy test will only become positive when HCG has been detected in your Urine. If it does not become positive then no HCG has been detected. Test in a week and if it is still negative then see your doctor for a blood test or confirmation.

Yes you can but it is also possible for the sterilisation to of not completely sterilised you and this could result in pregnancy. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test and a check on your hormones.

It could have been a chemical pregnancy, when your body thinks it is pregnant but the embryo did not fully implant.

no it is not youre breast sagging means you have not been wearing braws

If you started to bleed soon after, then there is a possibility that you could of had a miscarriage. Pregnancy tests are not always acurrate though and that could of been the problem. If it was a miscarriage then I would go and see the docter, because you should get cleaned out nad the docter will tell you if you really were pregnant or not.

Yes it is called a positive negative and the tests are only 99.998 precent correct

That has not been my experience, however...after reading and hearing about sooooo many different pregnancy experiences, it is possible.

Hiya! This could be break through bleeding or you may be pregnant. You need to do a pregnancy test.

I have been pregnant on two occassions. On both occassions the first signs of pregnancy were sore breasts.

The short answer is no. If the pregnancy test is negative, you are not pregnant, and therefore you cannot have an ectopic pregnancy. The long answer is somewhat more complex. There have been case reports in the medical literature of women with demonstrated ectopic pregnancy that had negative urine and even blood pregnancy tests. It is uncertain why this occurred in these circumstances, but it should be noted that this is VERY RARE. For the overwhelming majority of women, a negative pregnancy test means ectopic pregnancy is an impossibility.

Yes you could be!!! The test could have a negative response for a number of reasons!!!1. you took the test too early.2. it could be the test, if you have doubts... try a different brand of test and more than one. Otherwise see your doctor.

Pregnancy can be a possibility, have a test done asap. also if you have been stressed about becoming pregnant this can sometimes cause pregnancy like symptoms to occure I suggest that you go and talk with your doctor if a test turns up a negative result, Good Luck and God Bless!!!

Yes, of course it could be wrong. However, "feeling sick" could be due to the flu, a hangover or any other illness. Most pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. Good luck!

Are you seriously asking this question?? There has been cases where women have had "period like" spotting/bleeding during pregnancy. If you have taken an hpt and it's been negative then the answer is NO!

It can be two things. 1) Pregnancy or 2) Hormonal problems. Because your having pregnancy symptoms and negative pregnancy tests, you need to see your doctor for a blood test and a gynocologist incase its hormonal related.

I'm the one who posted this question me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex last month it's been almost right at a month and I took home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I have all the symptom's though the fatigue, breast tenderness, I had spotting I know it was that because it was brown. So could I be pregnant even with negative results from home pregnancy tests?

your body has not gone back to normal and it will react to not being pregnant and it also could have been affected by the surgery

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