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It could possibly mean that. I can tell when I am ovulating because I will get a sharp pain on one side where my ovary is. It should alternate sides each month. But everyone is different. You might possible have endometriosis. I used to have period cramps everyday for a year...I found out that I had endometriosis. I a little!

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Q: If your breasts are very tender and you are having cramps in your lower back but you are not having your period does that mean you are ovulating?
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Is being nauseas and having cramps and enlarged breasts symptoms of a period?

The cramps and enlarged breasts are signs of period, but with nausea it is more a sign of pregnancy

I have backaches cramps and tender breasts but haven't missed my period Is that a sign of being pregnant?

I've been having cramps, backaches and tender breasts but haven't missed my period as yet. Do you think I might be pregnant or is this premenstrual symptoms?

Is cramps a sign that ovulation is about to occur?

Yes. I get cramps a week before my period. It's whe you are ovulating.

Yesterday was the 14Th day since you started your period your husband and you had intercourse and today you are having some cramps on your left side are you pregnant or ovulating?

probabley ovulating. but the best idea is to get a pregnancy test asap.

Is it normal to have cramps and no period?

Yes it's perfectly normal ur just ovulating

Does having a period hurt?

Having a period does not hurt, but having cramps during your period does.

What if you have cramps but have not had your first period?

It is not uncommon have cramps before having your first ever period

Why do you have cramps starting 17 days after your period stopped?

This is probably caused by ovulation (releasing an egg) This occurs around 17 days after your period and many women feel cramps when they are ovulating

Period but no cramps?

Having your period doesn't mean you necessarily have cramps. Some women have periods with no cramps. It does not mean anything abnormal.

You have sore breasts after ovulating Does this mean you are not pregnant?

Sore breasts can be a sign of ovulation and also a sign of pregnancy. Take a test if you miss your period

Having period cramps but no period?

Yes that's actually very normal specially around days 14 and up of the cycle. You get your period DAY 1, then 14 days later (approximately) when you're ovulating it's very possible to get cramps specially in the back. some knee pain may occur.

I am having mild menstrual-like cramps bloating sore muscles and my breasts are extremely sore I 've missed my period by 3 weeks Am I pregnant?

u are

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