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well, they won't generally 'get you a new car', assuming the vehicle is deemed a total loss, and in your scenrio it would take A LOT of damage, they will owe the actual cash value of the vehicle, (man, the depreciation once it leaves the lot really sucks i know).......some company's (the one i work for) offer a service where they will locate the type of vehicle you want at a discounted price if your's is totaled, all company's don't offer this however, is just a service they came up with.....

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Q: If your car is brand new with only 400 miles on it and it cost 27000 dollars what are the possibilities and circumstances in which your insurance company will get you a new car?
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You do not necessarily need rental car insurance. If you have comprehensive or collision insurance you may not need what the rental car company is suggesting.

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== == In most civilized countries, vehicle insurance is MANDATORY, so that if you are hit by another car, that driver's insurance company will pay for the damage to you or your car. You also have to have an insurance policy to protect others from your actions while driving your car. A insurance policy has coverage limits, that are agreed between you and your insurance company. Not too many individuals have 5 million dollars in their personal savings account at the bank, but the insurance company does, and if needed, they will cover you for an agreed limit of up to 5 million dollars, if you are sued for damages you have caused to some one else with your car. You pay them a annual premium towards the cost of having that insurance coverage, based on your driving record, and how much your car is worth to replace, if damaged beyond repair, and where you live.

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If the person has just moved into the state, the insurance company will allow you to add them to your policy. Most companies will allow them 30-60 days to get an instate license. If they don't obtain an instate license within this period, they will probably non-renew your entire policy and all vehicles. Be truthful with your insurance agent and company and they can work with you. If this person actually lives in another state, they need to get their own insurance where they live. It is not worth risking your insurance record and your life to help someone cheat the insurance company out of a few dollars. Say you add your brother to your policy in Virginia, but he actually lives in New York. It might seem good for a little while until he has a wreck and hurts someone in another car with the accident being his fault. Your insurance company company will deny the coverage for material misrepresentation. Guess what happens when your brother gets sued and you will be sued as well. Your insurance company is out of it. You will have to pay an attorney, losses, interest, etc. just to save a few dollars.

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