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This would be dependent on the insurance you have. If you know who hit your car and have all of the pertinent information, you probably should not have to pay the deductible. If you don't know who hit your car, and your state and/or you do not have waiver of deductible insurance, then you would have to pay the deductible.

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Q: If your car was hit while parked do you have to pay the deductible for the repair?
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If you hit a parked car and the damage is over your deductible how does that work?

If you hit a parked car, the deductible applies to your vehicle, not the parked car. The other vehicle is covered by your liability coverage and there is no deductible attached. You pay the deductible on the repairs to your vehicle, usually to the shop after the work is completed, the insurance company handles the balance directly.

If someone hits your parked car do you have to pay your deductible?


Who pays when a parked car is hit by another car that was hit for a running away car?

I believe you are saying one care is parked and is hit by another car that leaves the scene of the accident. If your vehicle has uninsured motorist coverage then the UM coverage will pay to repair your vehicle less your deductible. If later a witness or the offender turns himself in and your company had already paid, the other party will reimburse the insurance company and they will reimburse you for your deductible.

If a car is vandalized in a municipal lot should the city pay the deductible?

Most times the answer is no. Go to parking lot and there should be signs posted that they are NOT responsible for any vandalisim to your car while it is parked there. If there ARE NO signs, your in luck, and might be able to recover deductible.

Is a car repair tax deductible?

a car repair can be tax deductible. but typically the stipulation is that the repair would have to be done on a vehicle used for work. typically something self employed people may have the privilage of doing.

Should a deductible be paid for husbands parked car that was hit by wifes car as she was backing up?

Any time there's a claim which will be paid by the Insurance co, a deductible is paid by the insured.

What is defined as the amount you are responsible for paying to repair your car after an accident?


What happens if deductible isn't paid after car is fixed?

The repair shop can lien the car and sell it.

How do you use deductible in a sentence?

After Ray's car was damaged, he had to pay a $250.00 deductible, then the insurance company paid the remainder of the repair bill.

If your car was parked and you got rearended and the accident was not your fault but you had no car insurance will the person who rearended you have to pay for your car and your injurys?

Yes. When your car is parked all medical bills and repair costs are the responsibility of the person who hit your car.

Which term is defined as the amount you are responsible for paying to repair your car after an accident?

deductible (A = PLUS)

What do you ask the insurance company for if your car was hit while parked?

If your car was hit while parked and the other driver drove off, then you ask for payment under your collision coverage.

How does no fault auto insurance work if you hit a parked car?

No Fault insurance ONLY deals with medical injuries to you if you are driving. No Fault has nothing to do with property damage liability. If you hit a parked car, then your Property Damage Liability coverage would pay to repair the parked car and your own Collision coverage (if you have's optional) would pay to repair your car.

Can you get an open container ticket while parked?

If you are in the car with the keys in the car then yes.

If your parked car was hit and the at fault driver was found what options are available if both parties are insured and you have a 500 deductible?

All the damages will have to be paid by the other party's insurance company. Your deductible isn't applicable.

Who is liable in a rear end collision if the car that was rear ended was parked?

As long as the parked vehicle is parked properly and not illegally parked in any manner, then the vehicle that rear-ended the parked car is at fault. Now if the parked car is sitting illegally (such as double parked or parked in a no parking zone, etc.) then the parked car is at fault or even both the parked car AND the car that hits it are BOTH at fault.

What term is defined as the amount you are responsible for paying to repair your car after the accident?

The term is "deductible". It is payable as to collision and comprehensive claims. The deductible is chosen by the insured when the insurance is initially purchased.

Your car got hit by a bus while parked illegaly whos responsible?

You are responsible. You should not have been parked illegally.

If your parked car was involved in a hit-and-run with damage less than your deductible and you filed a police report do you have to notify your insurance?

No. But they won't pay for it of course. =)

Does your auto insurance deductible cover your car and the car that you hit in an accident?

You do not pay a deductible for the car that you hit. Your liability coverage does not have a deductible.

If your parked car was hit and both parties have the same insurance company is there anyway to recover your deductible?

If your vehicle was parked you should not need to pay ANY deductible. If you were not found resonsible for the collision your expenses should be entirely paid by the at-fault driver. If necessary, you may need to take the other driver to small claims court.

Who be be at fault if you hit an illegally parked car in Atlanta even if the illegally parked car was in a blind spot and the space where the car was parked illegally was too close for comfront?

It would be the car who had parked illegally because he was not parked in a legal spot.

If a Car rolls into a car parked in a disabled spot?

The car that rolled into the parked car is at fault.

If you hit a car parked illegally across from your driveway while backing out are you responsible for repairing the car that is parked illegally?

Yes. Being illegally parked does not affect fault. If you strike a parked vehicle, it is ALWAYS your fault because you have a duty to ensure the way was clear before moving.

What happens if you have a dent on your car but don't know where it came from?

Then you have a dent on your car. If the repair cost is equal to or less than your deductible, then the whole of the cost will be out of pocket.