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Cervical mucus is clear and runny just before ovulation and becomes thick and white after ovulation.

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Does egg white cervical mucus occur before or after ovulation?

During and after up until your next period starts

Can you get pregnant on the day ovulation starts?

Yes, you can get pregnant if ovulation starts because this means that the egg which is ready for fertilization is now released. It can live up to 12 to 24 hours before it will be absorb in the lining of the uterus.

What is the youngist you can get pregnant?

Pregnancy is possible once ovulation starts. as soon as you start your menstrual cycle you can get pregnant.

How likely is it to conceive 2 days prior to ovulation?

There is a higher chance to get pregnant two days before ovulation. The window of opportunity to conceive starts from two days prior to ovulation, during ovulation, and a day after.

What days after your period are you less likely to get pregnant?

You are more likely to get pregnant the 2-3 days before and after ovulation. Ovulation usually takes place 14 days before your period starts.

When does a woman have a greater chance of getting pregnant?

During her ovulation time which is about 14 days after your period starts.

How old are girls when they get pregnant in high school?

A: A sexually active girl can get pregnant from the time she starts ovulating. The age that ovulation starts happening is different in each girl, it can start at anytime during puberty, usually it is between the ages of 11 and 16 but this is only a guide line. Ovulation could occur earlier or later and as soon as the girl in question starts to have sex she is at risk of becoming pregnant.

How possible is it to get pregnant 6 days after your period?

very it up.i think ovulation starts after yr period.guess work

Can cervical mucus after ovulation be an indicator that conception occured?

not likely. it is very very common and normal for women to have mucus a few days before their period starts. i usually always do.

Which symptoms of ovulation are considered normal?

For the majority of women, ovulation starts every 23 to 35 days but this can be delayed due to environmental factors such as stress. Ovulation pain is one of the common symptoms of ovulation and is felt as a pain around the lower abdomen. A drop in body temperature is also noticed during ovulation and a normal increase is faced after ovulation. The cervical mucus will also be watery like a raw egg-white during this period, these symptoms are all normal symptoms to face during the period of ovulation.

Can you get pregnant one day before ovulation starts?

you can. sperm lives inside for 3 days or so, so you definitely got a chance

What is the common BBT temperature when pregnant?

everyone's temps will be different. your temp should rise after ovulation and continue to rise when your period is due. usually when your period starts, your temp will drop... it will do the reverse if you are pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if you have unprotected one to three days after your period?

Ovulation usually starts 11-14 days after the first day of your period. But there still might be a chance you could be pregnant.

At what age can a man get a woman pregnant?

When ever a women starts ovulation which is usually between the ages of 13-16 but it could happen younger or older

How young do you have to be to get pregnant?

You can get pregnant as soon as the female begins her menstrual period and her body starts ovulating (releasing eggs from the ovaries). When the egg is fertilized you can become pregnant. Ovulation usually occurs about 14 days before each menstrual period.

How long after ovulation pain do you ovulate?

Woman usually experience ovulation pain when they are nearing ovulation. It usually starts four to two days before ovulation and normally ends right after ovulation period.

When is the most easiest time to get pregnant?

it is easiest to get pregnant the day that you are ovulating which is usually about 2 weeks before your period starts, but if you have semen in your body the semen can live for about 3-5 days and therefore you can get pregnant up to about 5 days before ovulation

Does ovulation begin after the last day of your menstrual cycle?

ovulation starts 14 days before menstruation

Ovulation pain after ovulation is that after the egg poped out?

Yes it when it burst and starts to travel down the fallopion tube

How long can sperm servive in the female body?

up to 3-5 days doctors say if your trying to get pregnant have sex about 3 to 4 times a week so you dont miss a ovulation day. maybe everyother day. so if your ovulation starts in three days and you had sex 2 days ago you can still get pregnant!

Is ovulation before or after your period starts?

Ovulation typically occurs about two weeks before the start of menstrual bleeding.

What can cause your period to start on your ovulation day?

Nothing. Your period starts a fixed 14 days after your ovulation day.

When is the best time for pregnancy?

when you are financially, emotionally, mentally, and physically ready. when you have a good man who you are married to. after checking those, its best to try during ovulation. women can get pregnant at any time of the cycle, but ovulation supposedly occurs anywhere from 12 days after your period starts to like day 19 of your cycle. you can get pregnant at any time though.

Breasts tender since ovulation?

This is normal - most women get tender breasts after ovulation up until their period starts

Can a twelve year old get pregnant before she starts her period?

Yes, if a 12 year old was raped she could fall pregnant. Ovulation occurs before menstruation - menstruation only occurs after ovulation if the women doesn't fall pregnant. Although obviously we would hope that a 12 year old isn't in a position where someone is having sex with her, if you or someone you know is in that position please talk to the police or a trusted adult.