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Has the child's mother exercised visitation? If so, I would strongly discourage you from trying to get sole custody -- unless it is in the best interest of the child. If the mother is doing drugs or putting the child at risk in some other way, then it will not be hard to obtain full custody if you can prove that she is unfit. If she has taken no interest in the child in 13 months, it shouldn't be difficult to obtain sole custody either. However, if the mother cares and wants to see her child and does not put the child at definite risk, then obtaining sole custody won't only hurt the mother, but the child will suffer for the rest of her life. It is extremely important to have a bond with your mother if that is at all possible - otherwise you deal with feelings of rejection, insecurity, low self-esteem, and unworthiness...this I know because my dad took me away from my mom when I was just 8 years old and to this day my mother and I don't have a real close relationship - which as created some real problems in my life. Hope that helps you. And please don't take this the wrong way - if your child is at risk with her mother, you need to take action for at the very least supervised visitation. Take care and good luck.

The answer given by the previous poster is a very good one. You probably would be able to get sole custody. However, unless the mother is adjudicated as unfit (and perhaps not even then) she would not be denied visitation rights. Unless she was willing to relinquish all of her parental rights and obligations. She could be required to pay child support just as a father could be. The emotional aspects IMO are as important as the legal ones.

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How can you get custody of a child when the mother left the state they where living in with the child?

Normally child custody sides with the Mother not the Father.

When the child has not being living with the custodian parent that has custody for seven months?

What is the question?

Does birth mother have sold custody of child if she is not married to father but father of baby is on birth certificate and living with her in Arizona?

No she cant be the mother or have custody for a child she dont even own

Does my ex who is father of my child have to tell me where he is living?

If it is a condition of your custody agreement, yes. If not, no.

Can a married father win custody of a child The mother is deceased and child currently living with grandmother?

Custody issues are decided by the courts on the basis of the best interest of the child in question. If the child is likely to be cared for better by the father than by the grandmother, then yes, the father would have a good chance of winning custody.

Does a biological father have the right to know medical issues if he lost custody of his child?

Yes, he is still the father. It's just that the child is not living with him.

Does a father in nc have to give back his child to the mother in sc if no court order custody is in place?

No, both parents have equal rights to the child. If the child is currently living with the father, then he has established temporary custody. A court will need to decide upon a formal custody and child support agreement.

When father dies who gets custody of child?

Custody would normally go to the closest living relative, and if there are no relatives available, the child becomes a ward of the state.

If a unmarried father is in the military and the mother is living with her parents and she has no job what are the chances that the father will get full custody of his child?

15% to

If you have physical custody of a child in Virginia but the child has been living in Florida for 3 years with his father does the Virginia order still stand if the child wants to come back?

No, as it's been longer than six months

If your son father name is not on the birth certificate and the child is carrying your maiden name and is living with his father means that now the father has sole custody of the child?

Do the kids make fun of him for having your maiden name? Did you give him custody of the child? Is he his guardian? If so, then yes.

Who has legal custody of a minor child when parents never married in the state of co?

mother has sole custody even if living with father

Who gets custody of a baby when the father is 19 and the mother is 17 and living at home?

The courts will determine who gets custody of the child. The courts will consider what is in the best interest of the child.

Can i get sole custody if the father hasn't tried to see his child in 3 months?

No, 3 months is not long enough for them to remove parental rights.

If a child is in custody of the state and is out of state living with the grandmother does the father have a right to go and retreive the child?

No. You need to contact the state that has custody to determine your rights. If you go and get the child you may be guilty of custodial interference.

What if child shares living with mother and father?

That would be called joint custody and can be a good arrangement if it can be accomplished.

Can the single father take away the child from the mother's living place without the court order?

Yes, unless there is a custody agreement in order. Neither mother or father has custody legally.

Does a unwed mother have custody of a child if the father is on birth certificate?

Only if unmarried to the father. Single mothers have sole custody in 49 states by default. This is regardless of whether she's living with the father or not. yes but if theres no legal paperwork then its whoever is holding the child

How can a mother win full custody?

i have a son in my custody what is the law in the phillipines about child custody if a child abandoned by his father

Can a Mexican mother claim child support from a father living in the US?

Any mother can go to court in the US to claim child support form the father for a child she is caring for. Babies are not born by spontaneous combustion. The father is as responsible for the child's welfare as is the mother. If the child is living with the father and custody given to the father, the mother is liable for child support, too.

Man signed birth certificate that's not the father there is a bio father and the child is not living with the mother which is unfit so does the bio father have full custody?

No, as he has no legal rights to the child even if he sign the certificate himself. You will need to file for custody. see links below.

Father wants custody of child and the mother is sick?

Father must petition for custody and court will weigh what situation is best for the child

Can a mother with joint custody give child to somebody else other than father?

No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.No. If she tries then the father should immediately seek full legal and physical custody of his child.

Can a mother take her child away from his father a few months?

The only way a mother can take a child away from the custodial father for a few months is if the custodial father approves of it in writing, and the Court approves it if the child is taken out of the State. Without approval from the father, the child can only be taken if: 1. The mother has Sole legal custody of the child. 2. There are no orders that the father be allowed any visitation.

Child is a US citizen mother is Indian citizen father is US citizen who gets custody?

The custody issue would probably depend on the country in which it is tried and where the child resides. It is likely that the child will remain in the country he or she is living in.