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If there is a court order in place requiring you to pay support the answer is obviously..Yes. If the children have been removed by CFS or whatever it is called in your state. You will be notified at the hearing as to your financial obligations. There is always a Family Court hearing whenever children are taken into protective custody. If they are living with a relative, or spouse then that is a different matter. This is a situation where you should seek legal counsel.

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Q: If your children have been temporarily removed from your home do you have to pay child support?
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Can child support arrears be removed if the child now 19 is not mine?


If you pay child support do you have rights to your children?

you have the rights to your children because its your money and love that you paid for child support

Can you temporarily suspend child support in Illinois?

You will have to petition the Court to alter your child support agreement. Any changes, even temporary, would have to be acceptable to the Court.

Does an unemployed person have any responsibility over his children incase of divorce?

Yes. That person should inform the court of their status and child support obligations may be temporarily reduced.

Can child support be terminated if child is removed from custodial parents home due to abuse?

Yes the child support can be revoked since the parent receiving support is no longer legally supporting the child

Child support is based off of what?

Child support is based of how much the main guardian spends on the child/children.

How do you emancipate a child from child support?

Children are not "emancipated" from child support. They are "entitled" to financial support by the non-custodial parent. In general, children become emancipated by leaving their parent(s)' house and becoming self-supporting. Child support is usually not due for an emancipated child.

Can you get child tax with no income but child support?

No, children are not taxed.

How do you abate child support?

By filing a motion in the court that issued the order for support, showing cause why support should be abated (i.e., temporarily stopped).

What happens to child support when a child is removed by dyfs?

When the State assumes guardianship of a child, both parents become liable for child support, payable to the State as reimbursement.

Can a grandparent keep child support after a child moves out in CO?

The child support goes to the one who have custody. If the grandparent still do and the child has just moved out temporarily, they will still get it. If the child is under 18 and has moved they also still get it unless the child is emancipated. If the child is 18 the child support generally end but it depends on the state laws and/or what you have written in the child support agreement.

Do child support drop with a second child with a different mother?

In general, child support is a percentage of net income. When calculating support for younger children, support actually ordered and paid for older children is subtracted from net income.

Can you collect back child support if your children are now adults?

Yes, if a parent owes back child support, they will have to pay it until it is zeroed out even when the children are grown. The age of the child does not affect back child support at all.

What is the age limit for child support in Massachusetts?

if my children are over the ages of 18, and have jobs and children how long should i be pay child support

Why does a non custodial parent pay for child support to the custodial parent when child isn't living with them?

If the child lives permanently with a different legal guardian the child support should go directly to them but if this is only temporarily the parents who receive child support can give it to the person who have temporary custody.

When a man with minor children marries a woman who doesn not have children does that change his child support?

the answer is unclear if she is working then yes it does but if she isn't then no unless the child is desabled then you still get child support

How much do you have to pay in child support in ny for two separate children?

In general, child support is a percentage of net income. When calculating support for younger children, support actually ordered and paid for older children is subtracted from net income.

Why does your boyfriend have to pay child support when he has joint custody of his kids you live together and have a child of your own?

The answer is simple:Child support is paid to the parent who has physical custody of the children by the parent who does not support the children in a residential setting on a daily basis. The child support goes toward the expense of providing a home and necessities for the children.Your boyfriend has to pay child support because he is the children's father and therefore legally responsible for the children's support.You and your child have nothing to do with your boyfriend's obligation to pay child support for his other children.Now, the questions that you should consider are: Why should your boyfriend get to not support his children because he has started another family with you? Should he be allowed to leave you eventually, start a third family, and not help support the children he makes with you?

Do you take your children to court with you for child support case?

No, you should not take children to a child support court hearing. This is for the parents to deal with and the children should not even know it is happening.

What can you use your child support money for?

You are supposed to use it to support your children...

How can you avoid child support?

Don't have children.

Are you legally responsible to pay child support for your new husband children?

No, child support is his responsibility only.

How much is child support for two children?

You need to check the child support guidelines for your particular state.

Why do women have to pay child support?

Women have the same obligation to support their children as men if the child does not reside with them. Parents are responsible for the financial support of their children. For example, the child may reside with the biological father or another relative. In that case, the mother would be responsible for paying child support if the court entered a child support order.

What are the Child support laws in Illinois?

A child support law in Illinois requires the non-custodial parent to purchase a percentage of their net income child support. The rates are 20% for 1 child, 28% for 2 children and 32% for 3 children.