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Check if any capacitors are leaking on the motherboard. My company services Acer computers and we had a problem where multiple computers were shutting down and restarting. The capacitors were leaking and couldn't hold a charge causing the reboot. The top of the caps are suppose to be flat, if you see a bulge at the top of the caps or stuff leaking out of caps, there's the problem.

Try to clean your registry, a corrupt registry can also be the reason of computer shutting down.

Answer-- 1. Click the Start button, right-click My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under Startup and Recovery.

2. Under System Failure, view the Automatically restart check box. If the Automatically restart check box is selected, Windows automatically restarts if the computer stops unexpectedly.

Have you tried the system file checker? I'm sure you know how, but just in case: Insert the XP CD in the CD-ROM drive: Start >> Run >> type: sfc /scannow.

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Q: If your computer keeps restarting automatically what do you do?
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What could be the problem if a computer keeps restarting?

If your computer keeps restarting itself, a problem could be that you have installed improper drivers. Make sure you always update the drivers you have installed in your computer.

What is the difference between booting up and restarting a computer?

When you boot up a computer you manually switch it on but when restarting it the computer leaves some circuit boards on and automatically turns it on and off, which is quicker.

Computer keeps restarting over and over again what do I do?

Re-install your operating system.

Your Samsung s5230 keeps restarting?


What is the process of starting a restarting your computer?

Booting is starting and rebooting is restarting.

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You can fix your Samsung Galaxy Ace if it keeps restarting by restoring your phone to its original factory settings. This wil take your phone back to its original settings and get rid of the restarting problem.

What do you do when your phone keeps restarting?

Go to a shop and change it!

How to stop windows updates from breaking computer?

The following site tells you how to stop automatic windows updates from crashing your computer...

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If i connect my iPod to my computer and its still not unlocking then what do i do?

You can try restarting the ipod and then restarting the computer and that should work If it doesn't I'm sorry, but it worked for me.

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Take it to the Mac Store.

What does a computer battery do?

In a laptop, your computer battery keeps your computer running when it isn't plugged in. The batteries on a laptop will eventually run out and will automatically recharge when you plug your laptop back in. With a desktop computer, a small battery keeps your computers internal clock powered when your computer is not plugged in.

Your computer keeps shutting off automatically after reboot?

its likely the matrix virus what just is made so when your computer starts up in starts and crashes your computer.

How do you get rid of a Trojan Horse virus on the computer?

I used Spy Sweeper, and cleaned one out about 5 minutes ago, but it keeps restarting itself, any suggestions?

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What happens if you reboot your computer?

When you reboot your computer, your computer restarts, or starts again. This is just like restarting your computer.

Why is my computer deleting programs after restarting?

Scan your computer with antivirus software , your computer may be affected by a computer virus.

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What does tasking the system mean?

Starting or restarting a computer.

How do you stop Restarting automatically after being shut down?

Computers don't restart after shutting down. You probably have some setting on your OS which give the computer the command to always reboot. Change that setting.

How do you return your computer screen to normal size display?

Just restarting my computer worked

What failure requires a computer to be restarted?

Computer when Hangs needs restarting.

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just remove ur battery ...and power on it

How do you prevent a computer from restarting?

Unplug it or flip the switch in the back.

Restarting the system while the computer is running is called?