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i would be ready to NEGOTIATE the CR part before I called. For such a small amount due, it would be reasonable for Chry to make some kind of adjustment on whats reported to the CRAs.maybe an attorney could negotiate better than you?? good Luck

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Q: If your credit report shows a repossession with zero balance but 350 dollars is several years past due should you contact the creditor now?
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YES, you have to pay off the loan. You have agreed to pay the lender X number of dollars for X number of months in return for letting you use X number of dollars to buy a car. Once the car is sold, the sale price is deducted from the balance due and you still owe that amount.

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What can you do about a repossession if you only owed 717 dollars and you were never contacted about the repossession?

Pay the money. You don't have to be contacted about the repossession; you are aware of the terms of your loan in your contract. If you're behind, pay what you owe so you can get the vehicle back. * The amount owed is not relevant. The following states require "right to cure" notification before repossession action can be taken: Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachuetts, Missouri, South Carolina and West Virginia and Wisconsin (replevin order required).

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