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I'm not sure I understand the question.

If her boyfriend has insurance, then she is covered under his policy as long as she had permission to drive his car.

As far as your liability if she has an accident, it all depends on the extent of the accident and if a law auit is filed for more than her boyfriend's policy limit. Then there could be potential to attack your insurance policy which names her as a driver.

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Can you and your ex-husband be on the same auto insurance policy?

Possibly, if you are in the same household. However, if you are divorced, you may not want the financial link involved.

What type of business is tesco involved in?

they are involved in the sales of household items

Is it auto insurance fauld if your wife lied to her auto insurance and said she was not married because your license is revolked in Maryland?

It could be, especially if the person with the revoked license is involved in an accident because he cannot legally drive a vehicle and she committed insurance fraud by not telling her insurance company the spouse was in the household.

What are the parties involved in Insurance?

There are two parties involved in an insurance contract. They are;Insurer: The party to an insurance arrangement who undertakes to indemnify for losses.Insured: The person, group, or property for which an insurance policy is issued.

In what divisions is the Lexington Insurance Company involved?

The Lexington Insurance Company is involved in the following divisions: casualty, programs, healthcare, property, captives/ART, and personal lines insurance.

Who is involved in insurance regulation?

Insurance regulation involves a number of stakeholders. Insurance companies are directly involved. Legislative authorities will also take part on the regulation in ensuring that the regulation will be mutually beneficial.

What organelles are involved in mitosis?

The organelles that are involved in mitosis are: chromosomes, chromatin, and daughter cells

What kind of business are Swintons involved in?

The company Swintons are involved in the insurance business. They are particularly well-known for their car, travel and home insurance offers and deals.

Will my car insurance be affected if I am a named driver on someone else's insurance and they need to claim their insurance?

No. As long as you were not involved in the accident then it shouldn't affect your driving record. You must also not be the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the claim.

How do i find a person's insurance company?

If you were involved in an accident with this person then their insurance information will be listed on the accident report. If you were not involved in an accident then it is not your business who they have insurance with. Much of this is covered by the privacy laws so if you really have to know ask the person.

What is meant by household decision making how can different members of the household be involved with the different stages of the decision process in the purchase of a car?

what is meant by household decision making how can different members of the household be involveld with the different stages of the decision process in the purchase of a car

What to do if your insurance ruled other party at fault and they refuse to turn in to their insurance now they are suing you?

I would get your insurance company involved, they are there to keep this from happening.

How can I become involved in the auto insurance business?

You will need to be trained and licensed to sale insurance. You can get training with the insurance company you would like to represent.

What are the downsides to renewable term insurance?

The cost involved in the insurance is the biggest negative. These are funds that could be used elsewhere.

Will a life insurance policy pay if you are killed in a wreck and liquor is involved?

No. Insurance co will not pay drink and drive accidents. Neither Life Insurance nor auto insurance cos.

Why should you buy medical insurance?

You purchase insurance in order to transfer risk of liability from one party to another. In the case of buying medical insurance, you are purchasing the insurance in order to transfer the risk of you or a family member from getting ill and the financial cost involved with this risk. In exchange for a specified amount of premium the insurance company agrees to accept a certain amount of the risk of the financial loss involved in getting ill and the cost of treatment and medication involved.

Why are the cruises getting a divorce?

Scientology. She didn't want her daughter involved.

How does chemistry play on important role in your household activities?

Chemistry involved in our daily life like washing the dishes, cleaning household, cleaning clothes, cooking food.

What scandal was William Shakespeare's oldest child involved in?

Susanna was not involved in any scandal. It was the younger daughter, Judith, who was excommunicated.

How is auto insurance calculated in the US?

There are hundreds of factors that could be involved.

What does a commercial insurance policy cover?

A commercial insurance policy covers any court and/or attorney costs, loss of income and other such expenses if a lawsuit is involved. It does not cover incidences where willful neglect is involved.

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