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If your drivers' license is suspended in any state, you may not legally drive in another one until it is restored.

You should also know that driving with a suspended license will, among other legal complications, void the insurance on the vehicle if you have an accident.

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You cannot drive in any state where your driver's license is suspended, regardless of which state suspended your license.

No. If you are suspended in one state you are suspended in ALL states.

Since you are knowingly driving with a suspended license, one is likely to be arrested for not having a valid license ... the vehicle could also be impounded. Simple rule - if you don't have a valid drivers license, then don't drive ... it's illegal.

If your license is suspended in one state, you cannot get in another. There is a central database that all states access before granting a drivers license to another person.

No, not until you've met the conditions for the reinstatement of your licence in New Jersey.

No, not unless you get a licence from another state.

You can only hold a license in one state at a time. You currently have one in New Jersey and will not be able to get a license in North Carolina.

If it is ONLY the PA tag that they run, no. When they run your name and DOB they will though - even if you display a PA drivers license. .

Don't know for sure, but typically, if you're suspended in one state, it's illegal to drive in another.

No. In the US, states have agreed to communicate and cooperate with each other with regard to driving and licensing issues. If your NJ license is suspended, you will need to get it reinstated before you can get a FL license.

NO, KY runs a 50 state check of driver's license records before issuing you one. If you lie on your application to the question "is your license currently suspended in any other state?" you will go to jail for a felony.

you get your permit at 16 and your license at 17

Yes. If u have a valid drivers license from any state in US u are legally allowed to drive anywhere (where the general population is allowed to drive) in the 50 states.

To surrender your current drivers license, you can physically hand it in to any NJ DMV or you can mail it to: Motor Vehicle Commission P.O. Box 129 Trenton, NJ 08666. You will receive a receipt within 2-3 weeks.

I don't think that NJ can take any points off your licence so they can't suspend your licence all they can do is suspend your rights to drive in NJ.

Regardless of whether New York chooses to honor New Jersey's court decisions or not, you are STILL suspended in New Jersey, and you will be fined or jailed depending on the decision of the judge.

Simple answer, none of them. First off, you must be a resident of the state you're getting a licence from. Second off, all states recognise a licence suspension from another state. Every state is connected via a National Driver's Registry. If your suspended for any reason you will not receive a license until that is cleared up.

No, Normally the state that you comit a suspendable offense in, will notify the state your license is in and they will suspend the license. But sometimes that paperwork takes a long time. However, Cops like me sometimes will run a check on a person through all 50 states just out of curiosity while we have you pulled over. If you show suspended in one state you are not allowed to drive at all, so I would take you to jail for operating a motor vehicle while suspended. This prevents someone from getting a suspended license and sneaking to the next state and lying to get a new one there without telling them they are suspended (by the way lying to the DMV to get a new license is a felony).

Years ago it would be possible to have gotten away with having a suspended license in one state and a valid license in another. While I have seen a few instances of this happening, the advant of computers and NCIC and IDAX systems helps Law Enforcment not only track criminals but to check the drivers status in other states. Most States have entered into what is called an "interstate Compact". This is an agreement between the States to honor such things as the other States suspensions. It is quite possible even today. I had my license suspended in IL after I moved to NC. What happened is that when I got my last speeding ticket, I gave everything into the hands of a lawyer in IL, so that my case was in a limbo state. I moved right away to NC, and got a new driving license with no problem. Subsequently they suspended my old IL driving license, I didnt even know it, my NC license was still valid. I found out I had a suspended IL license when I moved again to California. When I went to have a new California license they told me I had to clear my record in IL first. I called DMV in IL, they told me my license had gotten suspended for 6 months, and given it was not 5 years later I could clear my record by paying 75$. I did it and got my brand new California license. If I didnt need a new license, my NC license would have been valid still even without clearing my record in IL. To answer the initial question, yes you can drive in NJ with your NY license as long as the tickets are still pending. Once they close, you wont be able anymore unless they close as you not being guilty of anything. After the suspesion period you will be able to drive in NJ again.

You do get two point for moving violations done out side NJ, with NJ license. Check out the MVC site.

It depends on the employer and the type of work being performed. If the employer is looking for someone who obeys the law and is respectful of others, you might not be hired with a suspended license. If the employer just wants a warm body to fill a job, you might be ok.

If you live in PA do you need to have a NJ Boating license?