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Most elderly people even before they die often remember many things in the past, so since the relationship between your father and grandfather was not the best and very traumatic this is something your grandfather will never forget and now remembers. It has bothered him and in his own way he is probably trying to make peace with it. I hope your father is closeby before your grandfather dies because it is quite possible that your grandfather and father could forgive each other before your grandfather passes away. This is real and it's not a dream. I want to comfort you and tell you that because your grandfather sees these things in the process of dying this in no way means your father is going to die. Often the elderly in the last few days before death will be put on different medications such as morphine, etc., to make their passing as comfortable as possible. Morphine has the patient go in and out of sleep, but they can hear and they know their loved ones are nearby. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather and want you to know that passing away is not as terrible as it may seem by looking at your grandfather. He is in comfort and although he may mumble and talk away and even appear restless or moan and groan, it's the medications that do that. He is in no pain and this is no dream. He wants to mend things with your father before it's too late. My mother passed away a year ago this past June. We had a very close relationship, but then she suddenly turned on me (I was her caregiver) and she refused to talk to me for 15 years. I was hurt and perplexed, but learned later my mother had Dementia. I was blessed that doctors put her on a good medication to slow the process of Dementia down, and I was able to have a good relationship with my mother in the nursing home. My mother was 83 years old and she also had Diabetes. She wanted to die with dignity, so they had her on morphine and I remember watching her take a breath, then nothing, and I waited with baited breath wondering if she was going to breath again. She moaned as well and was trying to say something, but I couldn't understand what it was. I am convinced that those we loved come to greet us to take us home (heaven) and my mothers eyes opened so brightly and her arms went out. It was not the meds and not a sudden body reaction, but she knew who was there to get her. She passed away the next day peacefully. God Bless Marcy It means he probably feels he's dying, and is thinking over his life. People who feel they have reached the end of their life often think about the life they lived. Many old people do this. ==new answer== Deceased relatives will represent ways of thinking that are no longer usefull. Males are conscious ways of thinking wheras female would be subconscious aspects, since your grandfather is male. His son will represent a conscious way of thinking that is in the adulthood stage of development. there is a conflict within himself about this. His description of his son will point to the particular attitude. If there was communication with the deceased there would be more significance. Refer to Someday..

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Q: If your dying grandfather keeps dreaming that he sees his deceased relatives but also sees your dad and he is alive and they have a bad relationship what do the dreams mean?
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