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If your ex-wife marries a man in the military can they move your child across seas without your consent?


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2005-06-24 18:58:50
2005-06-24 18:58:50

If you have joint custody then you should see legal counsel. Other arrangements must be made so you still have visitation rights of your child. Perhaps, if you agree, you could ask for your child during special holidays, etc. If you don't have joint custody (she has full custody) there isn't much you can do.


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A mother cannot move a child across the country without a father's consent. However, if it is spelled out in separation or divorce papers, she can.

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To get pierced legally without parent consent you have to be 18 in the United States.

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Without parents' consent, it's illegal.

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It is illegal to record someone without their knowledge and consent in Tennessee. If the recording is over the telephone, and across state lines, it is a federal offense.

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Yes, because she is a minor it would be considered kidnapping. Response : I posted the question, and we have already contacted the police and they are looking into the code, but evidently it is NOT considered kidnapping because it was not against her will. I don't understand how it is illegal for a non-custodial parent to take his OWN child across state lines without the custodial parents consent, but a guy can take MY child across state lines without my consent? There is something wrong here......

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