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I am not a believer (my own opinion) that one can be friends with an ex that has particularly cheated on you. You should both move on. I don't think either of you know what love is. Love is not cheating, lying, being unfaithful, hurting each other ... my gawd, it sounds like a war zone. Love is wanting to be with that person, helping them through difficult times, just being there, laughing, joking, have a little fun, as well as planning a future together. It's about knowing there is this one special person you can just let your guard down with and tell them your inner most feelings and your hopes and dreams. It's time for you to move on! Marcy

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Q: If your ex cheated and you still talk to each other as friends and you both are still in love with each other how do you express yourself to this person without rambling about everything else?
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