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alot of the time yes it does.

That or he's trying to win the breakup lol.

He has no need to make you jealous if he doesn't love still love you. He could just move and be happy but he has this urge of jealously.

Or he could be jealous of you.


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Insensitive if (s)he doesn't speak to you at all. Trying to make you jealous if (s)he tells you they still have feelings for you, yet they hook up or flirt with somebody else in your face.

if yours ex tries to make you jealous after breaking up it means that they still have feelings for you but they don't want you to know that they still love you

You shouldn't be trying to make anyone jealous. All it causes is drama, and emotional pain for the person that you're trying to make jealous more-so. You should put yourself in his shoes and think what if he was doing that to you.

Has he asked you out?If yes and if you turned him down,then he still likes you and is trying to attract your attention towards himself .

SIMPLE- Get with another man to make him jealous this will soon show you if he still has feelings for you. Most lads hide their feelings. comment back x x

maybe because he/her still has feelings for you. if not that then he/her might be trying to say look other people find me attractive so i dont need you its all about attention. hope this helps(: x I saw both of your questions all i can really tell you is because she wants to get back together that if you are single and you still have feelings for her go out with her again it's that simple

Is he squeezing other women's boobs? Because if he is, he isn't trying to make you jealous, he's trying to get laid. Put out or get out.

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

He is trying to make her jealous by posting pictures of him with girls

Girls most of the time only make you jealous cause they like you or still have feelings for you . Girls will try to make you feel jealous because they are 1) immature, 2) lack self confidence, or 3) are self centered; often all three.

A guy will try to make you jealous to test your feelings for him, if you react he will know. Also, he may be acting in revenge to something you have done to make him jealous. Plus, if he doesn't know that you like him, he may not be doing to to make you jealous.

she still flirts with because she is probably trying to make her boyfriend jealous... or get him back for something he did.

sleep with new guy to make old guy jealous (and make new guy happy)

She is trying to make you jealous because YOU are a flirt and she feels she needs to compensate for that. OR she is just flirty and has to make an excuse for flirting a.k.a 'I am trying to make you jealous.' OR She wants more attention from you and you won't give it to her unless you know others want her. OR the girl is just fed up with you and is done with dating but doesn't want to break up. OR if you're not dating and she is trying to make you jealous than she really really likes you

Yes, there's a possiblity that she is trying to make some one jealous. Or she is desperate or. She felt sorry for him.

A girl who is trying to make you jealous will only flirt with another guy in front of you. Anything more than just flirting means she's not doing it just to make you jealous.

He either wants to make you jealous or he still has secret feelings toward you and wants to see if you do too.

Signs he is trying to make you jealous by talking about other girls around you and asking what you think of them or saying what if i dated so and so how would you feel.

Respond honestly. If you get jealous, indicate as much, if you have no interest, show it.

it means that he is still in love with you but is no longer letting it show and he or she is trying to make u jellous because they carnt move on in live and are trying to not let u move on to

If she keeps on look at u and than turning she trying to make u jealous and she talks to that boy when ure around.

tell him that you love him and that you weren't trying to make him jealous you just wanted his attention

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