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The following guidelines must be met before the child is considered a US citizen: * the child is under 18 years of age; * the child is or becomes a permanent resident (not a greencard holder); * at least one parent of the child became a sworn naturalized US citizen after February 27, 2001; * the child lives with and is in the legal custody of the US citizen parent. Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service website for more information.

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If your husband's mother became a citizen before he was 18 does that make him a citizen if his father is not a citizen?

You have to be born in America to be a citizen

Your mother is a us citizen does that make you one automatically?


If an Irish female were to marry an American male does that automatically make her a legal citizen?

No, marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically grant an immigrant permanent resident or citizenship status.

Can you give birth in the US if your boyfriend is a US citizen but you're not married?

Yes, but this does not make you automatically a US citizen, nor does it mean your child will be either.

How old do you have to be to make your husband a legal us citizen?

Marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically grant citizenship to the non-citizen spouse. He must apply for citizenship himself in accordance with USCIS procedures.

If a baby is born on foreign soil but raised in the US and although only one parent is a US citizen doesn't that automatically make the baby a US citizen?

The baby would be both a US citizen as well as a citizen of whatever country they were born in.

If your parents are from different countries does that automatically make you a citizen of both countries?

it depends on where YOU were born. if they were born in say.. Germany and Scotland, you are 50% German and 50% scotish, but you arent a citizen in both of them.

Does being married to a US Citizen automatically make you one?

No. You have to apply, go through interviews, and take the classes/tests for citizenship .

Can you become a citizen if you marry a us citizen?

It doesn't bar you from becoming a US citizen, but it doesn't automatically make you one either. You still have to go through a citizenship process, though the one for spouses of citizens is a little more streamlined.

Can a 18 years old girl marry a 21 years old guy and bring him to the US if she is an US citizen?

If he can get a Visa. Marriage does not automatically make the foreign person a citizen or guarantee them a Visa anymore.

If i am racive Danish old age pension in pakistan i am Danish citizen?

Receiving, the Danish old pension while in Pakistan does not automatically make you a Danish citizen. I advice you to visit the Danish embassy in Pakistan for pinpoint answers.

Can i adopt a 21 year old international student in pa?

If you plan to do this to make him a US citizen though it will not work. Someone who is 18+ will not automatically become US citizen when adopted. Only children do.

Why does an immigrant need a lawyer for green card after they have married a us citizen?

Marriage to a US citizen does not automatically provide citizenship. There are other aspects that still have to be met. It would be well worth the cost to make sure it is done correctly.

If an adult is adopted from a foreign country does the US adoption make them a citizen of US?

No. Anyone adopted over the age of 16 does not automatically get US citizenship. Sorry.

If you marry a us veteran does that make you a us citizen?

No, it does not.Marrying a US citizen never automatically makes you a citizen- however, it does speed up the process if you are trying to naturalize. Normally, a legal resident has to wait 5 years before they can apply for US citizenship; if a legal resident marries a US citizen, this is shortened to 3 years.

Your baby is born in Canada but you are German?

If you are a German citizen, your child will be considered a GERMAN citizen. Unlike the US, there is no Canadian law that provides for so-called "anchor babies" - that is - just because your child was born in Canada does not automatically make it a Canadian citizen. There can be certain exceptions to this --- SEE BELOW LINK ---

If a legal resident has a child with a legal citizen will that automatically make him a legal citizen?

Yes. The child gets the nationality of the place she/he was born regardless of their parents nationality (there are some countries where there are exceptions i.e. Germany). Also, the child getsthe natiopnalities of their parents.

Who was the person to make New Jersey a state?

When it became a state it was done by congress. Since it was one of the 13 colonies it was automatically up for statehood.

If an illegal immigrant overstayed his visa for 4 years and then married a US citizen can he apply for change of status without the risk of being deported?

Marrying a US citizen does not automatically make the other person a citizen. Spouses of US citizens can and do get deported everyday. Send him back home and apply for him while he is not in the U.S.

Can you marry someone for them to be a citizen if I am sixteen and hes over eighteen with parent consent?

If you live in the US... Can you marry him? It depends on where you live. In most states, yes you could. However, marrying someone does not make them a citizen, nor does it automatically give them the right to stay in the country.

Can you make sentence using jobless?

My father became jobless for a few months after being fired by his boss.

Can a security guard make a citizen arrest?

Can a security guard make a citizen arrest?

How do you make music play automatically when the recipient opens an email?

how to make your music on your profile play automatically ?

Can a non US citizen in B2 visa marries a US citizen?

Sure, there are no restrictions on marriage. However, being married does not automatically change one's visa status or citizenship. Make sure you understand the requirements to become a legal resident so that you are not separated from your spouse by INS!

Does a Canadian citizen become a US citizen when they marry a US citizen?

Not automatically, no. Any foreign national CAN become a US citizen, but, request has to be made. In many cases, dual citizenship may be offered by the original nation, and may or may not be considered by the US INS. Please make careful inquiry of BOTH the original nation and the US INS to avoid any problems. _____________________________________________________________________ yes, even if you werent canadian.