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Well, yes, while more details are needed for your specific case I would like to point out that, yes there are such things as "false pregnancies." There are many resons for this among whic include: 1. You have an UNspayed mature female rabbit, simply feeling natural hormones2. You have an UNspayed female and a Nueterd male and the female has been mounted by the male. While the female won't become pregnant, she may still instinctually go through the motions of *being* pregnant.3. You have a Spayed female and an UNnuetered male and the female has been mounted by the male. While the female won't become pregnant, she may still instinctually go through the motions of *being* pregnant.

If you have a female rabbit and don't know if she has been spayed and then she goes through a "false pregnancy" it is a good sign that she needs to be spayed. If you notice blood in the nest, or any other signs of health problems, seek help from your vet ASAP. Remember that a normal gestation time is 28-34 days. She may not have given birth yet. Do not disturb the nest she has made until you are sure she is not actually pregnant.

need more details to helphi ill try to answer but theres no time line info in ur ?.. how long has it been? have u seen any blood in the nest? could she of given birth already? did u know that rabbits will ABSORB their babies if in danger when shes pregnant?is she still using the nest? is she big in the belly? i need more details :)
2011-09-12 22:13:35
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