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You will need to wait about 5 more years.

2006-07-30 01:44:44
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How do you hide from your parents that your pregnant?

What a silly idea. While you may be able to avoid them knowing for a short while, they will know eventually. Be grownup and honest. You believed you were old enough to have sex, be old enough to face your parents honestly.

Why is it that underage is not allowed to be married?

A person is said to be matured and grownup after he/she completes the age of 18years. The understanding, and the coordination required in this relationship comes automatically into you only when you are grownup and cannot be taught to you when underage. For instance, there occurs a misunderstanding between you and your friend, now, how well you handle this problem, without creating an issue or a fight (but solve the dispute) will get us to the conclusion whether you are matured and grownup...... 18 and above is the appropriate age to get married. Its the time when you actually are mature enough to handle your problems and take decisions.

When do starfish have babies?

i think they have babies when they are old enough and find a you know like that............and after that they have babies in the sea and they maybe born them in their house on a cave or out on the shore i guess..........

Dehydration in little babies?

Dehydration in little babies can be very dangerous. Babies need to drink enough liquids to keep them hydrated each day.

What to do while cleaning a hamsters cage while babies are in there?

If you clean the hamster's cage before the babies are old enough, the mother might kill her babies.

What does starfish have for babies?

i think they have babies when they are old enough and find a you know like that............and after that they have babies in the sea and they maybe born them in their house on a cave or out on the shore i guess..........

What do leapard seals do with their babies?

If they are hungry enough leapard seals will eat their babies, but only if there is a complete lack of food.

How are premature babies cared for in hospital?

Premature Babies are kept in an incubator until it is mature enough to live without it.

Why would a mom hamster kill her babies every time she has them?

They will kill and eat some of their babies if they are not getting an adequate food supply. For example if they have 6 babies, and they're not getting enough protein in their diet, they may eat 2 babies to get enough protein to successfully nurse the remaining 4.

Can cats and dogs make babies?

no. there DNA is not close enough.

Do Spartans leave their babies on a hill if weak?

yes they do because if they are not strong enough to get to their village by them self they are not strong enough

Is it safe for the daddy robo hamster to be with mama and the babies?

no because it an eat the babies for attention from the mama just keep him in a small extra cage until the babies are big enough

Can all female guinea pigs have babies?

Most can if they are old enough

If your guppy had babies are they big enough for you to see them?

yes, they are about 1cm long.

How do the cheetah's babies get their food?

Their parents feed them with breast milk and meat that they hunted until the babies are mature enough to hunt on their own.

How long do pumas keep their babies?

they keep their babies for 2 years until they are grown up enough to hunt and fend for themselves

Is mom feeding kittens enough?

Mom cats will nurse every 2 hours or when babies cry. If babies don't cry after nursing, they are getting enough. If they cry after nursing, mom may not have enough milk for all kittens. Take mom and kittens to the vet.

How do macaws take care of their babies?

They keep them in their nest until strong enough or fast enough to fight with or escape predators.

Why did your mother bunny kill five out of eight of her babies?

It's probably because she doesn't have enough energy to take care of that many babies?

How do armadillos carry their babies?

They don't. They leave the babies in their burrow and nurse them there until they are old enough to follow the mother and learn how to forage for food.

Do gerbils eat their babies?

only if you dont feed her enough protein or if it dies.

Why you dont remember your lives while you were babies?

Not a big enough brain lol

Can a raccoon and cat have babies?

No, they are not genetically close enough to produce offspring.

Will a mother hamster suffocate her babies?

No, if she doesn't have enough living space, she will eat them.

Why do babies go blue after being born?

cus they dont have enough oxygen