If your fiance died last month and his employer sent 4 weeks salary to his survivors to help with bills are you entitled to any of the money?

Unless you were in his legal will, you have no foot to stand on. All you can do is plead with his siblings to give you the money you need to pay the bills left over. If a bill/debt is totally in his name (and you are not attached in any way), do not pay it yourself. Allow the creditors to get the money themselves. No, and it could be that his siblings are not entitled to the money either. The money may very well have to be turned over to probate court to be included as assets of the deceased's estate. Any interested party can file a claim against the estate of a deceased person to recover money owed. The probate laws of the state in which the deceased resided determine which assets and property must be included in probate procedure and which ones are exempt. Likewise, probate laws regulate what debts are to be paid out of existing assets and the priority in which payments are made.