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First of all you need to hear him or her yourself to make sure. Then if your friend was talking about you behind your back you should go up to him or her the next day and ask him or her if he or she was and then if they say no say well i guess we aren't friends anymore. When they ask why say because you just lied to me and i know because i heard you talking about me. Then walk off and go about your business.

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I can't tell you why your friend was talking behind your back but I can tell you that real friends don't talk behind their friend's back. You should let your friend know how you feel about this and that it is an act of betrayal.

I would tell them i do not like that and I would not like them to be my friend any more.

No Way! You'll just lose your friend if you talk behind her back.

We can say that the friend was simply back - biting you.

Confront her if you are certain they are and ask them why.

# ---- ---- do you like a friend who says shut up to you

There is a few ways to find out if someone is talking about you behind your back. You can just ask the person and see what they say or you can ask a friend.

everyone is different, everyone has different boundaries with friends, so it is different for everyone. for me its lying and talking behind their back. lying to a friend is the worst thing as well as talking behind their back. never ever do this to a friend because they will find out eventually from someone and it wont end pretty.

Depends on what they lied about, I know... a lie is a lie!!! But if it wasn't mean't to hurt you I would just forget it. If it was about them talking behind your back or something like that, I would say that you have to think about if they are right or not. And dont let a stupid misunderstanding ruin an friendship! for example: I got in a fight with a friend and I asked my other friend if she thought the friend I was fighting with could be mean and my friend said yes. The friend I was fighting with thought that I was talking behind her back and now I am not sure if we are friends or not!

talk to her face to face she might be talking about you behind your back ask someone if she is

well i have had a little experience with this well lets say that you are going somewhere really cool and your friend wants to go with you and he/she says that if you are not going then he/she will stay home that's when you can tell when he/she is using you. you can tell when a friend is talking about you behind your back is that when you see your friend whispering to a group of people and you ask them if he/she was talking behind your back and they say no and look away from your eyes or says no in a squeaky or high pitched voice or is shaky or very stiff or even looking guilty that's how you know

If your best friend talks about you behind your back a lot, perhaps he/she is not really your best friend. Maybe you could politely ask them whether they have been talking about you. But don't involve any others (e.g. don't say 'jenny told me that you said...'). If they don' answer at all, then they are being quite immature. Talking about people behind their backs is a horrible thing to do, so maybe you should leave her/him alone. Anyone who talks behind your back does not deserve to be your friend :)

Ask them why?;) Answer Ask them why, then stay away from them. A real friend will not talk behind your back.

If your friend is discussing your relationship with a girl you had some interest in and you're not privy to his conversation, he is probably not a good friend. It may be time to move on.

Personally I would first make sure that they are talking behind my back and if this is true I would go talk to them in a non-agressive manner. Trying to here what they want to say and why they talked about me in the fist place. I would also stress the fact that them talking behind my back upset me and hurt me. Then I would ask them to not do it again and please in future to come talk to me fist before saying anything about me.

then you need to give it to him straight, either u stop talking behind my back or we can never be best friends again because you really don't want a best friend whose going to talk behind your back, all that does is start drama (trust me I've been there) so i hoped I've helped you!

Another way to tell is if they are acting weird around you, like not normal. Where you get the feeling that their talking about you behind your back. The best thing to do is comfront the friend and talk to them

Probably because they didn't want to trees bad about your grade. I would ignore it, unless your friend keeps talking behind your back repeatably.

back bitting You might mean talking behind someone's back, and ways to describe that are gossiping, criticizing, "talking someone down," or "dissing" someone... could be betrayal or subversion as well. If you mean actually just standing behind someone and talking, then perhaps grumbling or murmuring or ... being passive-agressive. Often, the term "two-faced" is used to describe a person who talks poorly about someone behind their back, while acting like their best friend while in their presence.

Well think about it a best Friend will never talk about you behind your back, will care for you in time of need, and will be there for a really long time, oh and you shouldn't have any doughs about your friendship in general so is this person really a bestfriend? I think not!So yeah If she/he did that is very wrong!

if they whisper and they point and look at you then that means they are talking a bout you it is very hard to do but you just have to do that or ask them are you talking behind my back and if they say noo then ask then why were you pointing and looking at me when you were whispering to so and sothen see what they say if they think a minute then that means they are going to make up something. by:Cayla K.

Possibly because they are intending to get together.AnswerAnd because they are not nice people. A close friend, a real friend, would not talk about you behind your back ESPECIALLY with your ex. I would dump them both and find some nicer people to be friends with.

cut them off.if they are going behind your back, then they certainly arent your friend.

well, there is really nothng you could do, unless you want 2 confront her about it, or pretend you don't know..... when my best friend was talking about me behind my back, it botherd me for a while, butt then it didn't bother me that much because, other people can believe wut they want, and you know the truth.