If your girlfriend has a low self-image due to her being slightly taller and heavier than you what else can you do besides compliment her so she will be intimate with you or is it something more?

Women of all ages are very conscious of their weight and appearance and especially in the younger generation. If you don't believe what you are saying to her regarding compliments then don't say it because you are only enabling her to sink deeper into that low self image. Why don't you suggest to her that you both join the same gym. Take up weights, etc. I do. Don't be cruel to her, but tell her, "You can sit here and moan about it all you want. I think you're great, but it's more important that you like what you see in the mirror, so do something about it! I could use some gym time so why don't we go together?" Being a part of it is very supportive and you seem to be a great guy and will try anything to help her out. If you feel she's over-weight then "Weight Watchers" is an excellent place to go (I'm going right now to drop a few pounds in time for fun in the sun.) It's just proper eating habits and you do lose weight fairly fast on it. Go have that talk with her, then duck! LOL Good luck Marcy