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You are first cousin, once removed to the children of your great uncle.

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How are your grand nieces kids related to you?

Your Great-Aunt/uncle, would be your parent's aunt/uncle. So, your grand nieces would be your nieces kids, and plus their kids would make you their Great-Great-Aunt/Uncle.

How do your sister son kids call you?

In most families they would call you aunt or uncle. It would technically be great aunt or great uncle.

Are your kids related to your dad's sister?

Yes, she would be the kids' Great Aunt.

What relationship is your great uncles cousins granddaughter?

That person would be either me or my sister...if the cousin of me great uncle was my great grandfather. If the cousin was another of my great uncles, then the person would be my cousin. Example 1: My dad has a brother who is my uncle. That uncle has a father who is my great uncle. If his father or mother had sisters or brothers who had kids, these kids would be cousins to this great uncle. one of them could be my grandfather. so my grandfather's granddaughter would be me if I am a girl or my sister if I am a boy. Example 2: In any level of the family tree there can be cousins...children of my uncle or aunt. when they have kids they are second cousins...children of first cousins. If these second cousins have kids, they all are third cousins. So since my great uncle had a cousin which was 2 generations above me...the next generation would be second cousins and the third generation would be third cousins. If my grandfather was not the cousin in question, then the cousin would be someone else on the same generation level, 2 levels above me and the granddaughter would be on my level and therefore my third cousin.

Who are my niece's kids to an uncle?

Your niece's children are your great nieces and great nephews, and you are their great uncle. Your uncle could be the father of your niece, and thus the grandfather of your niece's children.

How is jimmy related to Atticus and to the children?

Jimmy is related to atticus by brother and the kids is their uncle

If your mother had a half brother then his kids would be your cousin?

yes because when you're half you're still blood related to her brother would still be you're uncle and his kids would still be you're cousins.

What do my kids call my dad's brother?

They call him "Great Uncle (his name)."

What relationship name are your nephew's kids to you?

Your nephew's sons are your great nephews and his daughters are your great nieces. You are their great aunt, if you are a woman, or their great uncle, if you are a man.

What is my relationship to my grandmothers' brother's children or to my great uncles kids?

The children of your grandmother's brother (of your great uncle) are your parents first cousins and your first cousins, once removed. The grandchildren of your great uncle are your second cousins.

What relation are you to your Grand uncle's kids?

The children of your grand uncle (also called your great Uncle) are your first cousins, once removed. They are your parent's first cousins.

What is your great-aunt-by-marriage's kids called?

The term "great-aunt-by-marriage" is little used in the genealogy community but clearly refers to the wife of your great uncle. If her children are also the great uncle's children then they are your parent's first cousins and your first cousins, once removed. If the children are not also your great uncle's children (they would be from a previous marriage of his wife) then they are not related to you, and the English language has no special term for them.

Can you find uncle joes kids menu?

no way who is uncle Joe? and why would you want a kids menu? oh wait is there french fries and hot dogs and how about hot fudge Sunday? yummy i am hungry.

What relation are your sister's kids to your husband's sister?

You and your husband are "aunt and uncle" to your sister's children. Your husband's sister is not related to your sister's children.

How is your aunt related to your kids?

Your aunt is your children's great aunt, and they are her grandnieces and grandnephews.

If your son and daughter have children they are first cousins what would their uncles children be to them in kin?

To determine the kinship if two people, you have to trace their heritage back to a common ancestor. If your son has a child, and your daughter has a child, then these two children find a common ancestor by tracing their ancestors back to the ones they have in common. In their case, the common ancestor would be you and your mate (assuming your two children are full siblings), you are their grandparents, which makes them first cousins. If these two children had children, their closest ancestor would still be you, but you would be their great-grandparent, so these kids would be second cousins. When one side if the ancestry chain is longer than the other, that is when you get into the "first cousin, once/twice removed" territory. Your question is a little ambiguous, but I assume the uncle in question would be the uncle of your son and daughter (the brother of you or your mate), not the uncle of the children your kids have, since that would be the son you originally mentioned, or another of your sons. Assuming the uncle is of the same generation as you, his children would be your children's children's first cousins, once removed. We can trace their lineage back to your parents (or your mate's parents, depending on which side). These would be your kids' kids' great-grandparents, and your kids' uncle's kids' grandparents. Since there is one generation of difference between these relationships, they are once removed from being true first cousins, but they are still more closely related than second cousins. I know that is pretty confusing, but I hope I answered your question.

What qualifies someones as a step cousin?

A step cousin would either be the stepchild of your aunt or uncle (if your aunt or uncle married someone with kids) or the niece or nephew of your stepparent.

What am I to my brothers' kids?

You are their aunt or uncle

Did shaka zulu have kids?

As a direct decendant of his brother.. i can conclusively say, through family records... my great (6) uncle did not have any children :)

Is your sister's husband's brother considered an uncle?

No. An Uncle is the brother of either your Mother or Father. You're kids may call him 'uncle'

Does Jared Leto want kids?

i guess he would... he would be a great daddy!

What type of holidays would be great to do with kids?

There are lots of great holidays to do with kids. The most popular would be Theme Parks such as Six Flags, or Disney themes. The beach or camping are also good holidays to spend with your kids.

What am I to my nephew's kids?

You would be their great aunt or great nephew. You would refer to them as a great nephew. Most families just call them cousins.

Why did Cain and Seths great great great grand kids get married Japhette and mona?

In that time either they didn't know that they were related or it did not matter like it does now.

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