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No, it is assumed that one spouse will care for the other during illness or troubled times. That is the basis of the "sickness or in health..for richer or poorer" that is included in the traditional wedding vows. Even if one did actually take such vows, the presumption is still morally and legally valid. YES YOU CAN MY MOM TAKES CARE OF MY DAD AND GETS PAID FOR IT BUT ITS NOT THAT MUCH, AND I DONT THINK THATS RIGHT AND I THINK MY MOM IS WRONG FOR DOING THAT CUZ IF YOU REALLY LUV SOMEONE THE MONEY SHOULDNT MATTER!

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Q: If your husband has end stage liver disease and he receives Social Security payments can you get paid for taking care of your husband?
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When can a wife collect half the husband's social security?

If the husband is on social security, the wife receives an amount equal to half the husband's payments. If she has worked and paid into SS, then she gets her own payments in addition.

Can a wife receive social security if her husband receives railroad retirement?

Yes, she can. He can also with his pension.

What happen if you get married and you get social security not social security disability?

In this case you should notify the Social Security Office of your marriage. it might increase the amount of your social security benefit's, if your husband or wife also collect social security payments.

Can a wife receive disability social security because her husband receives social security disability?

No, to receive social security disability you must be considered disabled under the social security's listing of impairments.

What happens to social security benefits if two recipients marry?

i have social security disabiliy now and now my husband is needing to file. If he receives SSD will his affect mine. And we have been married for four years.

Can your husband get medicare if he has end stage liver failure if he is only 64 but receives social security because he retired early?

He should apply for disability Social Security and, if successful, he would be eligible for Medicare.

Can child support take your deceased husband's social security check for child support if the child is an adult now?

Social security payments for the husband stopped upon his death. If the child is under 22 (?) and is still in school, there may be payments due to the child. If you are receiving checks on your own behalf as a widow, those checks are not subject to child support payments. You can call Social Security directly or look online for this information.

If husband expires before spouse can she receive his higher social security payments?

Generally if an ex-spouse has not remarried before age 63, there should be no problem. Go to the Social Security site and ask for a review of benefits.

Do my husband pay social security on his employee?

should my husband pay social security on his employee

can a woman draw disability social security from her husband that is not on social security?

No. Benefits are paid by the state (to people entitled to them) not the husband.

Can one get social security from husband even though one worked as a federal employee?

social security comes from the govt not from your husband

Can a husband who has a felony collect social security for his wife if she is in a nursing home?

Usually the nursing home uses the social security income as payment for services. Possibly you could have your social security payments (if you are at least 62) based on her income levels. You should plan to either work or find another means of income.

Can you get alimony if your husband only receives social security disability?

Alimony is awarded via a legal judgement. Disability is still considered income. You should Contact your attorney and apply for a garnishment of his wages or get a job.

When a wife receives an inheritance is the husband in titled to half?

In the US, of course not.

Your husband has an annuity with a joint survivorship what does this mean?

That means that if your husband predeceases you then the annuity payments would go to you as the survivor.

Can I draw social security from my diseased husband?


Is husband responsible for child support payments if his wife remarrys?

Generally, yes, the child is still his child. The support payments would likely stop if the new husband adopts the child, but he can't do that unless you agree to it.

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If your husband passes away can youcollect on his social security?

If you have kids, your kids should be able to.

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