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As it is and asset they may be able to take what ever they class as assets, before or after, but not 100% sure depending on each individual case. * If the car is titled in both spouse's names with the name divided by the word "or", the vehicle may be subject to seizure and sale or lien attachment by a judgment creditor if it is not protected under the state vehicle exemption. In the majority of cases a judgment creditor will not be granted the rights to a forced sale of marital property that is jointly owned unless the couple reside in a community property state. Since a lawsuit has already been implemented the debtor should not attempt to transfer the title or have his named removed, as that might possibly be seen as a fraudlent conveyance and create more legal difficulties for both spouses.

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A creditor won a judgment against me and the estate of my marriage for a debt incurred prior to my marriage can my husband's wages be garnished to collect on this judgment?

If the husband was not liable for the debt, then his wages cannot be garnished to collect on the judgment. The judgment is against the person who incurred the debt.

Is a wife responsible for debt made by her husband before marriage in the state of Florida?

No. A spouse is not responsible for their spouse's debts that were incurred prior to marriage. The only debt that can be shared post-marriage that was incurred pre-marriage would be debt on an account that you became a joint account holder on after marriage.

In the state of Virginia can a husband be held legally responsible for medical bills incurred by his wife before they were married?

No, debts incurred before marriage do not become the joint responsibility of a new spouse.

Is husband responsible for wife's bills that she incurred in state of Washington?

If the husband is not a contractual party to the debt, then no, he is not responsible regardless of what state the debts originate from. If the debts were incurred pre- or post-nuptual, it still does not matter provided the husband is not a contractual party to the debt. If however the husband has any joint assetts with the wife, if the Washington creditor seeks to recover the debt by attaching assetts and discovers them in the state in which she currently resides with the husband, those assetts will be attached and disbursed to the creditors, regardless of whether or not the husband is a contractual party to the debt.

How is a divorce procured according to Islamic rules?

· Mubarah - husband and wife agree between themselves to terminate the marriage· Khul - when wife can obtain a divorce against her husband for having a genuine grievance against him by returning her marriage gift

Is wife responsible for judgment against husband made prior to marriage?

In this case, a wife is not responsible for a judgment made against the husband prior to the marriage. She may want to help clear up this date in case there are joint credit situations.

Is the wife responsible on husband debt if incurred before marriage in mo?

No you are responsible for his debt prior to marriage. Keep in mind that each come to the marriage with their own personal credit history. You are only responsible for joint accounts. Credit obtained in both names.

In Nevada can a wife's wages be garnished by a civil judgment against her husband for debts he incurred during their marriage.?

In some community property states it is possible for a creditor to garnish the wages of either spouse even if only one spouse is the judgment debtor if the debt was incurred during the marriage. Such a garnishment would not apply in cases of child support or alimony. In non CP states only the spouse who holds the account is responsible for the debt. Spouse's are not responsible for their partner's debts that were incurred before marriage regardless of where the married couple reside. That being the case, a judgment against a person before their marriage could not be enforced against the new spouse. Please be advised, that if the judgment has not been executed, it is the debtor's responsibility to file the allowed real and personal property exemptions and other pertinent information. In such a situation, the non debtor spouse could not have his or her wages garnished, but in most states it is possible to levy joint marital bank accounts.

When did Sam Houston dissolve his marriage against Tina Rodgers?

The marriage was dissolved because Tiana (sp) Rogers Houston refused to go with her husband Sam to Texas.

What is your relationship male to your niece's husband?

Your niece's husband is your nephew (by marriage). If you are male, you are his uncle (by marriage).

In Hawaii is wife responsible for debt incurred by husband before marriage?

In the United States, once a couple is married they both assume financial responsibility for one another, no matter when a financial transaction occurred.

What rights do a wife has against the woman that's gettn child from my husband?

she gets no right as the marriage is illegal and her children are illegitimate.

How are you related to your husband?

You are related to your husband by marriage. He is your spouse.

In Oklahoma am I responsible for debt that my ex husband incurred during the marriage if it is in his name only?

Yes, in Oklahoma a spouse is responsible for their exes debt during marriage. If the debt benefited both parties than both parties must pay. An attorney can help you explore your options.

What is arrangred marriage?

arranged marriage is when your parents arrange your wife/husband. And sometimes they may even have a dowry this is when the brides father pays the husband to be the husband .

Can my husband file a divorce without marriage certificate?

Can a husband and wife get divorce without marriage certificate around them

Is your husband a relative?

Yes. You are related to your husband by marriage. He is your spouse.

If you stopped paying your credit cards about 2 yrs ago when you lost your job and have since got married can your husband be held for this debt?

No. Any debts incurred before marriage belong to the person who made the contractual agreement.

When your husband passes away do you have to pay his credit card bills even if your name is not on them?

Maybe. In some community property states a surviving spouse is responsible for all the debts that were incurred during the marriage even if he or she did not hold the account.

In NJ Can your husband be held responsible for your credit card debit that was incurred before you were married?


How do you get out of a marriage to a woman who is stil married to their first husband?

If she is still married to her 1st husband then her second marriage to you is illegal and you are NOT married.

Which amendment to the constitution that has to do with marriage?

Strictly speaking, none of them are explicitly about marriage, though a couple of them have been used to decide court cases about marriage (mainly the 14th, and the roots of the reason a wife cannot be forced to testify against her husband is the 5th).

What is a uncle by marriage?

An "uncle by marriage" would be your spouse's Aunt's husband.

Husband and wife relationship?

Husband and wife relationship is called a marriage.

What is your cousin husband to you?

Your cousin's husband is simply 'your cousin's husband' and he is only related by marriage and not your cousin.

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