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That is a decision that only you can make I know it is a very difficult one to make but he is no longer here with you do you want a child? would you like a little part of him to remain with you for the rest of your life I'm sure that his family would maybe that is Gods way of easing your pain a little bit by blessing you with a child even though he had to take your husband from you take your time with this decision don't throw away a precious gift that you will never be able to get back you are pregnant for a reason I would maintain the pregnancy and raise the child to the best of my ability and love the child and all the memories of his or her father that they keep alive for so many wonderful years to come....I hope this gives you insight on what you werre looking for there is no easy decision in life and I am extremely sorry for your loss but you have also been blessed don't overlook that Good Luck and God Bless and if you would like you can contact me at

AnswerI believe that when loved one pass away a greater understanding and peace washes over them and what they did, felt and said in life may be different now. If you do feel you would like to keep this baby i do not feel it is disrespecting your husband or going against his wishes as he may be relieved that you have this baby to keep you company while he is away. I believe your husband would only want you to be happy, so choose what would make you happy. I am sorry for your loss and wish you all the best for the future.

Yes! Keep your baby! You won't be sorry. Besides, why should you decide your child's fate? It's not ANYONES right to take anyones life away. Keep it, because if you don't then you can go into a very seriouse depression. Besides, "A persons a person no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss.

i think you should keep it BUT its your life and don't do anything you don't want to do but i would just because you loved/love him and now you can bring new life into the world


Abortion is a huge deal. It affects you more than you think it will. I think it's wonderful that you are respecting your deceased husband's opinion on the matter, but now the decision is up to you. Think for a moment about whether or not you want(ed) children. Did you want them? Did you want a child with him? It's a huge decision. I encourage you to take the time you need to think about your options. Please consider adoption if you are seriously considering not keeping the baby. Being a single mom is very "doable." I am a single mother of a 9-month-old. Having a baby really does change everything, and if you think you can handle it, keep the baby. Identify what it is that YOU want. Follow your heart, listen to your gut. Having a baby is a big and scary decision. The first trimester is scariest for some reason. I wish you all the best and I advise you right now to act as though you will keep the baby (don't smoke or drink, take pre-natal vitamins) in case you do decide to have the baby or give him or her up for adoption. It sounds scary, but it is in the baby's best interest and it doesn't hurt you any, nor does it make your decision for you.


i lost my daughters dad when i was five weeks along in my pregnancy i will now lie it is very difficult and i wonder how i will explain it to her and its hard when she see his picture and knows that's her daddy because i told her and she says she wants to see him its very hard to explain to a child why they cant but there are alternatives to abortion

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Q: If your husband passed away and you are 8 weeks pregnant and he did not want kids and you both did not know about the baby when he passed should you keep the baby?
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