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If your husband will not let you file a tax return should you contact the IRS or a third party for assistance?

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Tax evasion is a very serious issue. If the IRS charges someone with tax evasion takes them to court and wins the case (they almost always do) the involved parties can literally lose everything they own and can be subject to imprisonment. DO NOT contact the IRS. The best option is to speak with a qualified tax attorney who can assess your position and perhaps find a resolution. The IRS has an independent agency that assists persons who need asssistance in resolving their tax issues. However, it is doubtful they can be of any help in a case such as cited. If your initial advice was to not call the IRS, I wouldn't call the Taxpayer Advocate either. They may, in theory, be an independent arm of the IRS, but they are still the IRS.

2008-01-17 21:47:50
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