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Yes. If your payment is due on October 01, then that is the payment for October. I'm not sure why you would think it's the September payment...

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Q: If your insurance bill is due on October 1 is that payment for September or October?
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What is it called when a bill is submitted to insurance company for payment?

The term usually used is a "claim".

What is the name of the insurance company with the first responsibility for payment of a bill for medical services?


How do you pay your Texas Life Insurance bill on line?

Different insurance companies provide different methods of payment and services. You will need to contact your insurance company in order to find out if this payment method is possible with your carrier.

Are you responsible for paying a medical bill if insurance company denied payment due to the practitioner's fault?


Which of these is an example of a fixed expense?

Rent food car payment electric bill

What is the expense are involved in taking care of a family?

* food* water* insurance* clothes* house payment* water bill* phone bill* eleltric bill

Can you pay your All State Insurance bill online?

All State Insurance does have the capability to pay your insurance online. They can set up automatic draft or a one time payment.

May the provider bill the patient more than the insurance contracted rate?

It is possible. Some providers will make the distinction between accepting an insurance payment and accepting it as payment in full. It is called balance billing.

Do you have to pay your hospital bill?

Nah, I'll pay it for you. Yeah, of course you have to pay your hospital bill. Insurance and health coverage plans can help you out if you need it. You can also negotiate a lower payment or a payment plan.

What kind of bills do normal adults have to pay?

Electrical, Water, Phone, Morgage, Health insurance, Car insurance, Car payment, Gas Bill,

What expenses do insurance agents have to cover?

You name it,,Electric bill,,,Rent or building payment,,,Errors and Omissions insurance,,,Work Comp,....Same as any other business...

When a patient has insurance coverage for which the practice will create a claim the patient bill is usually done?

After the encounter and after the payer's payment is posted

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