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If your intoxicated and another person drives and hits your car are you at fault?

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Well, it would be your insurance that covers the damage, and it depends on what type of coverage you have. You should ask your insurance rep. No, you are not automatically At Fault merely because you were ineligible to drive at that moment. However, you may have a hard time proving that your DWI had nothing to do with causing the collision.

2007-04-14 02:33:27
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Can an intoxicated minor file a med pay claim against your homeowners insurance?

medical payments to others is no fault coverage - it makes no difference if the person is intoxicated or not

Who is at fault when a person waives another into an accident?

The person who causes the accident is at fault

If you were in a car accident and the other person was at fault but at the time I was intoxicated?

The question posed assumes that I was in an accident in which the other person was at fault. Although you (the person posing the question) admit to being intoxicated at the time, what needs to be clarified is your relationship to the accident. First, are we talking about three people (me, the other person, and an intoxicated you) or just two (you and the other person)? Second, were you a driver of one of the vehicles? a pedestrian? Third, perhaps, is: 'How did I get involved in the accident?' Finally, what is the substance of your question? For starters, are you asking about criminal law or civil liability.

Who is at fault if your car door is open and another car drives into it?

The other driver's fault. He or she should have paid attention.Another View; IT DEPENDS. If you opened the door to a traveled lane and it was struck by passing traffic - YOU are the one at fault.

When a car drives out of a parking space on a main road and another car hits the back of that car whose fault is it?

Not enough detail here to determine fault

Who is responsible if a customer leaves a restaurant intoxicated and gets into an accident?

The customer's lawyer is going to say the restaurant is responsible but there are many factors to take into account. If the customer was visibly intoxicated the restaurant might be liable.Serving another drink to a person already visibly intoxicated would leave the establishment at at least some fault. HOWEVER, there are many people who do not show that many signs of intoxication and it is not up to the restaurant to determine the patrons level of inebriation.Truly, the fault lies with the drinker as he is the one that drank the drinks. Each action has consequences and drinking to much is 99.9% the fault of the drinker.

Who fault is it when someone is pulling out of the driveway and hits another car?

The person pulling out of the driveway is at fault.

If an unlicensed person drives a vehicle with full coverage and a wreck occurs whether at fault or not will the vehicle be covered?

No,the vehicle will not be covered.

Who is at fault if the person is backing into a parking spot and another person drives through and gets hit in the mid section?

In most situations, it would be the car who was driving through. However, the insinuation here is that you are in a parking lot on private proprety, in which case in most states it would be a no-fault accident, in which case both drivers would be responsible for their own damages.

Who is at fault in an auto accident when someone runs a stop sign and causes the person that had the right of way to collide into another car?

The person who ran the stop sign is at fault

Who is at fault when a person in a parked car opens the door and hits another car pulling in?

The fault is at the person who opened the door. The person pulling in. They should of know you were coming out the car and waited then park.

When a car drives out of a parking space and another car hits the back of that car whose fault is it?

it is both of their faults because the person who was backing up should have look more carefully and the the other car should check where they are going

Person rents a vehicle and denies rental company's insurance drives off without any kind of insurance theirs or personal and hits you If you don't have UM who's liable?

The person who is at fault in the accident is liable for the damages. If they have an insurance policy to pay on their behalf then the at fault person may not have to pay out of their own pocket for the damages. However if the at fault person has no insurance then they are personally responsible for the damage caused. In the case where the at fault person has no coverage and the not-at-fault party did not carry Collision or UMPD coverage then the only option may be to take the at fault party to court and attempt to get them to pay. Good luck.

Who is at fault if you reverse out of a parking space and car drives into you?


When a car drives in to the back of you who fault is it?

The fault of the one who backed in to you, unless you made a very unpredictable, unnecessary stop.

Who is at fault if neighbor drives in to your parked car on private land?


If a car is parked 6 in behind another on private property and the other car accidentally hits it who is at fault?

The person who hit a parked vehicle is at fault.

Can someone who admits their mistakes be a narcissist?

A Narcissist NEVER makes any mistakes. It is always the fault of another person is done TO him not BY HIM so that he will look to be at fault.

Who is at fault if your car is hit from behind and you hit another car in front?

It is the car behind you, that person is at fault.Another point of view.It depends who is at fault. And all 3 of the people involved's insurance companies will be investigating this. - The person behind may not have been concentrating.- The person in the middle may have accidently stalled.- The person in front may have accidently stalled or driving too slow in proportion with the rest of the traffic.

What level of RAID is the most fault tolerant?

RAID 1 is the most fault tolerant, as all drives have to fail to lose data.

Who is at fault if you hit a car reversing out of your drive?

You are! For not being cautious when reversing on to a road. You should make sure that it is safe and clear when reversing, if you hit another car it is your fault and not the person that is driving on the roads fault.

If you have no insurance on your car but it was the other drives fault would there insurance still pay for it?


What is another name of a normal fault?

Gravity Fault

Another vehicle reversed out of a parking space into the side of my car as i was passing who is at fault?

it is the person coming out of the parking space

Who is at fault for closing car door and smashing another passenger's fingers?

the person who shut the door plain a simple