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Kiss her, hold her close if you can! If it is a lond distance relationship, send letters with hearts on it. Just because there is a bit of a language barrier, doesn't mean that you can't communicate in other ways. Animals ( such as a dog ) don't speak our human language, but we usually know what they want just by gestures, body language. "A smile is worth a thousand words".

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โˆ™ 2008-08-17 23:29:41
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Q: If your language not good how can you tell her you love her?
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How do you tell your boyfriend you are in love with him?

just be sweet, tell other people you love him and tell them "Tell (your boyfriends name)I love him Good Luck xx just be sweet, tell other people you love him and tell them "Tell (your boyfriends name)I love him Good Luck xx AFTER A TOATALLY GREAT MAKEOUT SESSION TELL HIM!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you tell good morning in manipuri language?

good morning

How do you tell if a love bird is male or female Tamil language?

no in Hindi

What is good afternoon in Muslim?

Muslim is a religion, not a language. Please pick a language and someone can tell you how to say "good afternoon" in it!

What are some good things to tell your girlfriend?

tell her how much you love her

How can I tell her I love her in any language?

Your actions will say more than your words.

How can you tell a girl why you love her?

Tell her why you like her.(her personality that you like) Tell her what is in your heart. Good Luck!

What language did roberta bondar speak?

Roberta Bondar speaks: French, English and Spanish. =) I LOVE KE$HA DO U LOVE KE$HA? TELL ME TELL ME!

How do you tell in Kurdish language that you love me?

ta mini hez daki < do you luv ezi te hez dekim< i love you

What does love relationship to you Can you tell us what is lovers for and How its work really good?

I don't understand your question but if you really love someone tell them or see if they love you to

Is it good to tell a girl you like you love her?

Of course!

How do you tell the guy you love that you love him?

get together and alone, and tell him in a romantic way. It worked with me, and yet I got married to him! Good Luck!

What do you do when your man thinks he is not good enough for you?

tell him all the good things he does that you love, even the small things. tell him how you feel about him. if you truly love him, then tell him that he's perfect for you and that you love him for who he is and that ever since you went with him, no other guy would matter. so, hope this works out.

How do you tell a boy you love him if your scared that they don't love you?

become good friends then when your alone tell him how you feel but get evidence he quite likes you first

How do you tell a friend you're in love with him?

Ask yourself this. 'If i tell him i love him, will it improve the friendship, or ruin it?'. Why ruin a perfectly good friendship with a kiss?

What would you do if your boyfriend find out that you love some one else?

tell him your in love with some one else and that you cant be with him tell him good bye

How do you make your lesbian friend believe that you really do love her?

tell her you love her tell her why make sure she knows that you'll be there for her and you want to be with her good luck ^_^

How do you convince a woman she is good enough for you?

You need to tell her that you love her and want to be with her, and that she is good enough for you.

What are some good songs to tell someone you like them?

just tell them you like them or sing i love you

Is this good way to tell a girl you love her?

Hold her really close &whisper in ear "I love you"

What does Jacob tell Bella in the almost kiss scene?

i think Jacob said i love you in his native language

How do you say i love you in dutch language?

As a native speaker I can tell you it's 'ik hou van je'.

Am a boy but am in love a a boy too so what can you do so that the boy will love you back?

tell them how much you love him, good luck!

If a man say tell him something good what do you tell him?

That you love more than anything on Earth... If u really love him, then he will knw that ur not lyng...

What do you do when the woman you love does not love you back?

hypnosis or try talking and becoming good friends wiyh her.tell how much you love her,taking out and all sorts of good things