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Diplomacy - If your last employer is aware of the real reason you left, you should not tell lies to the potential employer. Instead use tact when answering the question, make Good interviewers will pick up on certain comments, phrases and statements and draw some conclusions

You can use the phrase - "I left because I didn't feel comfortable in the position and didn't relate to the manager there very well". If pressed to give a clearer answer use - The manager saw our working relationship for more than what it was and this made me uncomfortable so I felt that it was appropriate to place distance between us "

In these words you are telling the interviewer that a situation was occurring and it wasn't good. So interviewers Will come up front and ask you to be specific - they know what you are saying but WANT you to say it. Again be diplomatic - "someone in the business wanted more than working relationship and I didn't - I felt uncomfortable"

Its a very difficult answer to give for anyone in the same position - Think through WHO will be interviewing you - are they the same sex as you ? - Never, Never blurt out accusations as this could put YOU in poor light

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Q: If your last boss sexually harassed you and you left on terrible terms how do you answer Why did you leave your last job assuming that the prospective employer will call him for a reference?
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