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No. Your license is suspended in all states. You will have to get reinstated in Florida first.

Actually that is not true my licence are suspended in the state of Florida but i went to NC and I have a licence so you my friend are not telling the truth

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No. I had my license suspended in MO. I tried to get my license in Alaska. I couldn't

Added: All US states and territories have cooperation agreements (called "compacts") between them. A conviction and finding, or the status of a drivers license in one state is honored by every other state.

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No you cannot. If your license is suspended in one state, then it is suspended in all states. You will need to have your NY license reinstated.

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No, you can't.

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Q: If your license is suspended in MN can you obtain a license in NC?
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Can a illegal alien obtain a drivers license in NC?

No. NC doesn't play that game.

How much does it cost to obtain a business license in NC?

Around $300.

If you have a suspended Florida drivers license but now reside in North Carolina with a valid North Carolina drivers license can you drive in Florida for work?

If your driving privileges had been suspended in FL it is surprising that you managed to get a NC license. HOWEVER, since you managed to get one, if you are stopped in FL you will still be charged with a violation, regardless of whether or not you have a valid NC license.

Is suspended license in GA valid in NC?

If a license is suspended in one state then other states must recognize the original states decision and uphold it. Ex: it's why if you're married in CA it's valid in PA, etc.

Do you need a license to be a dog groomer in NC?

You only need a business license to become a professional dog groomer in NC. There may be some licensing you can obtain to appear more qualified and professional, but this is optional.

If you get caught driving with suspended license?

Hefty fine, your licence will be suspended for even longer, your insurance rates will be through the roof because of the points you receive for the charge (in NC, it's four points).

How do you start a title company in NC?

To start a title company in NC, first form a corporation. Then obtain insurance. Get bonded and apply for license. Finally, get designated as an official agent.

Can i get a drivers license in NC if I am suspended in NJ?

No. State DMV offices can access your driving history automatically from every state. Even if you don't mention you've had a license in NJ, it would still come up in NC's database. I speak from first-hand experience.

Is Korean driver's license valid in NC?

U.S. states generally recognize all valid drivers licenses, provided you also obtain an "international drivers license" to accompany it.