If your light fixture has a brown and blue and yellow-green wire and you think the yellow-green wire is the ground which of the brown and blue is neutral and power?

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European electrical equipment, fittings and fixtures have wires coloured as follows:

Brown for Hot (also known as "Line" in Europe)

for Neutral

Green/Yellow stripes
for Ground (also known as "Earth")

So it seems to me that your light fixture may have come from Europe.

For more information see the Related Link below.

As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. Before you do any work yourself,
on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,
always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energizedIF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB
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How do you wire a 240V heater that has green black and white wire and the terminals are brown 'load' blue 'neutral' and black 'ground'?

1. If the heater itself has Green, Black and White wires coming out of it, those wires are likely to be: Green for Ground, Black for Hot and White for Neutral. (As in the wiring codes for the US or Canada or countries which use similar wiring codes.) 2. When the question goes on to say "Terminals ar ( Full Answer )

How can you connect a 230V 27A single phase European appliance whose cable contains brown blue and yellow-green wires to a 30A 220V breaker in the US?

for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. It is important that you should read see the answer to the Related Question shown below: "Can a European 230 Volt 50 Hz appliance be plugged into a 240 Volt 60 Hz wall outlet in USA or Canada?" Asking this type of questi ( Full Answer )

If you purchased a chandelier made in the Czech Republic and the wires are blue brown and yellow green how do you connect it to your wires?

Brown - positive . Blue - negative . Yellow/green - earth . Answer . Find a continuity tester and remove all of the bulbs.. Check continuity between the center of the socket and one of the wires. Whichever wire goes to the center connector of the socket should go to the BLACK wire of your ho ( Full Answer )

How to wire incandescent light fixture with black and white wiring is it wired to ground?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . By asking this question you are probably not quite ready to take on this particular task. . The correct answer to your question will depend on the exact location of the light fixture, its voltage and its power rating.. ( Full Answer )

Which is the Hot wire and which is the Neutral wire if the wires you see are a Brown a Blue and a Yellow-Green wire?

Answer for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service. It depends on how the wires are hooked up. In general, the accepted practice is to use the green/yellow wire for ground . The blue wire is neutral . The brown wire is hot. But saying this does not guarantee ( Full Answer )

Which color is a ground or earth cable i.e. is it brown blue yellow red green or black?

The answer depends on the electrical wiring standards of the country you are asking about. Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz household electricity supplies: the ground or "earth" cable is just bare wire or has green insulation. Answer for countries in Europe and in other ( Full Answer )

How do you connect an overhead light fixture with a blue wire?

Answer for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service. A Blue wire is normally the "Neutral" wire on a standard 230 Volt supply. A Brown wire is normally the "Live" wire on a standard 230 Volt supply. A Green/Yellow wire is normally the "Earth" or "Ground" wire. A ( Full Answer )

How come if you mix red blue and yellow light you will get white light but when you mix red blue and yellow paint you get brown?

Red, yellow and blue paints are called subtractive primary colors, because they work by absorbing most of the light which strikes them except at their actual color. For example, if white light strikes blue paint, all of the colors except blue are largely absorbed while the blue component of the whit ( Full Answer )

How do you wire black white wires with blue and brown?

When you come across this combination of mismatched wires, thenormal matching is black to brown, white to blue, and green or bareto yellow green. There is often a diagram on the motor that willindicate which wires are hot, neutral, and ground.

Is brown live and blue neutral?

When it comes to electricity and plugs, brown is live, blue is neutral and the green and yellow wire is the earth.

Your son has blue eyes you have light brown your wife has hazel brown brown with a little green in them?

This is absolutely possible. The fact that you have brown eyes doesn't necessarily mean you only have brown eye genes. Same with your wife. This is an oversimplification, but basically: Say both your parents have brown eyes. One of them inherited brown-eye genes from both of their parents--so ( Full Answer )

With a blue and yellow power wire which one is positive?

Usually a blue or yellow power wire is either "remote turn-on" or "power antenna", and those will BOTH be positive.. I haven't installed every type of head unit there is on the planet obviously, but those are fairly standard color codes.. If you don't need or aren't using a remote turn-on, and don ( Full Answer )

How do you ground truck hitch brown wire?

DO NOT GROUND THE BROWN WIRE. It runs your running lights. Ground it and you will blow the fuse - and the lights will stay dark. Ground the white wire. Just put a ring connector on it and put it under a sheetmetal screw on the body of the tow vehicle. Yellow and Green are combination brake ( Full Answer )

How do you connect the cord of a 240V security light that has a white wire and a blue wire and what appears to be ground - does the center wire on the cord go to the ground?

Answer: . First we must know what country you are in, and what electrical code is in use where you are located.. Being the "center wire" has nothing to do with whether or not it is a ground wire.. In the United States, a white wire would not properly occur in a device rated for 240 volts unless ( Full Answer )

Which is a ground blue or brown?

neither the blue or the brown is ground.... typically the ground is either green or green with a yellow stripe... brown is the hot wire and goes onto the brass screw in the connector...blue goes on the silver colored screw ...and green goes to ground

What color do you have to mix with brown to get green or blue?

Brown is the result of mixing the three primary colours red, blue and yellow. As it is not possible to remove a colour from a mixture it would not be possible to mix anything with brown to get green (a secondary colour resultant from mixing blue and yellow) or blue (a primary colour)

How to wire a plug with blue brown and Black?

Test the wire with a meter to determine which wire is your hot, which is your neutral, and which is your ground. Those colors are indicative of a 240v circuit normally, so you may have two hots and a ground. Other wise Hot=Black, Neutral=White, and Ground=Green for placement. On your plug, Black/ ( Full Answer )

2009 international prostar big truck stereo wiring 1 blue 1 brown 1 white wire the rest are green which would be power and ground?

Never had to deal with replacing a stereo in one, so I can't tell you off the top of my head... what you need to do is get a test light and use that to determine which one has power. Once you establish which one has power, you keep the probe to the hot wire, and you can use the clip end of the test ( Full Answer )

What should you do with the green wire on your new light fixture?

If you have three wires coming into the box, black, white and bare, put it with the bare one. If you only have 2 wires, black and white or can't tell, you can attach it to the metal box that may be grounded or simply tuck it back and don't worry about it. It is there to ground the fixture but if you ( Full Answer )

If you have a circular light bulb there is two wires black and red you want to replace them with a standard power cable blue brown and yellowgreen Which goes where What is black and what is red?

the old colours are black and red, they have been replaced by the European harmonisation of brown and blue. the black is now the blue the red is now the brown and the yellow and green is the CPC ( circuit protective conductor) or more commonly known as "earth" but that's a wrong identification of i ( Full Answer )

What is a fan with brown blue black wires?

You'll need to refer to the manufacturers specifications for exact information, HOWEVER... many times a multi-speed motor will use a white wire as common and the three additional wires allow you to select the operation speed when you connect one of them to the "hot" line.

How do you wire an electrical switch for an awning that has blue brown black and white wires?

i take it that you have a dc motor and transformer that the switch fits between the two? if so the wires will be in pairs to supply power to the correct side (polarity) to the motor so it can run in both directions. if you don't understand just fit everthing and pay a professional to do the con ( Full Answer )

What happens if you splice ground wire and neutral wire in a high hat fixture?

Ground and neutral are kept separate for a reason. They are only "bonded" at the main panel. The reason is that you can create what are called ground loops where current can flow. This is because all wires have some resistance and by connecting neutral and ground you open yourself to these ground lo ( Full Answer )

When setting up an electric oven you have a bare wire brown wire and blue wire on your appliance and red yellow and green stripe and black on the wall which of these match up?

It is always good to check with a Volt Meter. With a 220 to 240 VAC oven you would connect the grounds which should be Green and Bare wire. The other two can be connected either way with the same results. Turn off breaker to oven before doing any work. Get an electrician if you are unsure in what yo ( Full Answer )

How is called zeroing a power socket in English when connecting the neutral brown wire to the ground earth yellow green wire?

In English sockets the brown wire is not considered to be neutral. It is considered the hot/live cable. The blue cable is the neutral. The relative voltages are Brown = 230volts Blue = 0volts Green/Yellow = 0 volts The effects of crossing the blue and green/yellow cables is called neutralising a ( Full Answer )

How do you wire a light fixture that has a white wire black wire and a ground wire if you only have a white wire and a black wire coming from the wall?

It is strange that a ground is not currently installed. For safety a ground is required. However, the good news is that a ceiling fixture provides little chance of a shock hazard except when servicing the fixture. However, the missing ground should be a warning that other things may be wrong with yo ( Full Answer )

How do you wire a red wire and blue wire out of wall to brown wire and blue wire on light fitting?

By the National Electrical Code a red wire connects the switch to the load. The only way to be sure is to use a volt meter: one lead to the red wire and the other to ground-the ground wire or metallic junction box; then operate the switch to see volts/no volts. The other wire should be neutral. ( Full Answer )

How do you wire a ceiling fan with black blue and white wires to a light box with red black and brown wires and a ground?

The Black and white wires in the fan would probably be the "main" power connections and the blue would be for remote control of some other feature, such as an integral light fixture, but you would be better off finding the proper wiring diagram for that device. I have never seen a "light box" wit ( Full Answer )

Which is the Hot wire and which is the Ground wire if the wires you see are a Brown and a Blue wire?

Brown = live (hot) - (equivalent to Red wire) Blue = neutral - (equivalent to the Black wire) Yellow and green = earth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- However never rely on the wire colors - you should test the wires with a meter to be sure that th ( Full Answer )

How do you wire brown black and blue to black yellow and blue?

I assume you are asking about matching up the colors. The only to know for certain is to trace the wires or test them for currant. Typically in a ceiling fan or exhaust fan the black, yellow, and blue are black=fan, blue=lighting, and yellow=neutral. Typically brown, black, and blue are all used ( Full Answer )

How do you connect 2 110 volts brown wires two blue wires and two ground wires in a 220 volts fuse box to converts 110 into 220 volts?

The specific colours of brown and blue suggests that this is a question from the UK or European area. On checking the IP address it shows that the question comes from Uruguay. 110 volts is not a common voltage to this area, so that 110 volts can not be converted to 220 volts because 220 volts is the ( Full Answer )

How do you connect red yellow and blue wires in a led light?

Depends what current is passing through the red, yellow and bluewires. When connecting LED's the longer of (LED) the leads must always beconnected to the positive current or terminal, if connectedincorrectly the LED will fuse and will not work again. Makes sure that the current you are putting int ( Full Answer )