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European electrical equipment, fittings and fixtures have wires coloured as follows:

Brown for Hot (also known as "Line" in Europe)

Blue for Neutral

Green/Yellow stripes for Ground (also known as "Earth")

So it seems to me that your light fixture may have come from Europe.

For more information see the Related Link below.

As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed. Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energizedIF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOB



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How do you install a light fixture that has two brown wires and a ground?

So long as you conect the ground/earth to the green wire/earth You can conect the other two wires any way around you like.

How do you connect the colors blue brown pink black purple orange yellowgreen?

to collect all these colours put them all in a bowl and mix them. Blue and orange are complimentary colors. They make brown.

How do you wire a switch to an electrical fixture?

Going for the switch to the fixture; there should be a "switch leg" colors will be orange yellow brown or purple purple is normally a travler but you never know :P Hook up the hot ie black red or blue to one side of switch and the "switch leg to the other side of the switch that's it for that...Now at the fixture there will be the same color switch leg where you will hook up the power to the actual fixture there will be two or three wires coming out of fixture hook white to white and whatever color your switch leg is to the black coming out of fixture and ground to ground if so used the ground will be green in no ground going back down to the switch then on the mounting bracket there should be a green painted screw strip the green wire out of fixture rap it around the green screw and then tighten it down and there your hooked up!!

What colour are the phase neutral and earth cores flexible cords?

Flexible cord colours are, White for neutral and Green for ground.AnswerIt depends on the standards used in your country. The above answer refers to North America. In Europe, the colours are brown for the line (not 'phase'!) conductor, blue for the neutral conductor, and green/yellow stripe for the earth (ground) conductor. For European three-phase systems, the lines are coloured brown, black, and grey.

Which is ground wire on shop light black or white?

A ground wire is either uninsulated copper, green insulation or green with a yellow stripe. Anything else is either hot (black) or neutral (white), in the USA system or brown (hot) or blue (neutral) in international standards.

Is brown live and blue neutral?

When it comes to electricity and plugs, brown is live, blue is neutral and the green and yellow wire is the earth.

What do the 3 wires in plug do?

US the black wire is your hot the white wire is your neutral in other words your load and the bare copper is your ground wire. UK The brown wire is live, the blue is neutral and the Green/Yellow is earth.

How to wire a plug with blue brown and Black?

Test the wire with a meter to determine which wire is your hot, which is your neutral, and which is your ground. Those colors are indicative of a 240v circuit normally, so you may have two hots and a ground. Other wise Hot=Black, Neutral=White, and Ground=Green for placement. On your plug, Black/Hot goes to the brass colored terminal. Green/ground goes to the sometimes green terminal that is off by itself usually at the bottom of the receptacle. The neutral goes to the silver terminal.

What are the neutral colors?

The Neutral Colors are white,brown,grey and black.

What are standard wire colors for 277 volts?

Brown - phase A Orange - phase B Yellow - phase C Gray - Neutral Green or Green/Yellow - Ground

When ground beef is brown and not cooked is it good?

Ground beef that is brown and not cooked is not good for you to eat.

What is the color of the earth wire live wire and neutral wire?

US standard Earth is green, live is black, and neutral is white UK Live is brown, neutral is blue, and earth is green with yellow stripe. Since in the US the earth is referred to as the ground wire it is assumed you are asking about UK standard.

Which colour wire is live in UK wiring?

In a flexible cable, the brown is the "line" voltage and blue is "neutral", often tied to ground at the mains panel. In fixed cables, i.e., "behind the walls", the UK wiring standard changed in 2004, where it now MATCHES the flexible cable: brown is line, blue is neutral. Prior to that, blue, red or yellow were acceptable LINE conductor colors and black was neutral.


In the UK, the colours were once black = neutral, red = live, and green = earth. The modern standard colours are now blue = neutral (note the l in blue for left contact in the three pin plug used in the UK), brown = live (note the r in brown for right contact), and green and yellow stripes = earth In the US, black= hot wire, white= neutral, green or bare= ground (or earth) red= a second hot wire

What is a neutral wire on a 240 wire?

In the UK, the standard wire colours are: Brown is the positive wire. Blue is the negative wire. Green and yellow striped wire is the ground or earth wire.

What coler is a ground hog?

Ground hogs are generally brown.

What is the Israeli wire color code?

In an Israeli single phase system the hot wire (live) is brown, the neutral (0V) is blue and the ground is green with a yellow tracer. In older installations the hot is red and the neutral is black. However occasionally these colors aren't exact. For example you may see brown and black wires. In this case the brown is the hot. You should always verify the wiring especially if the standard colors (blue, brown, and green with a yellow stripe) are not present.

What actors and actresses appeared in Neutral - 2010?

The cast of Neutral - 2010 includes: Alexa Brown as Woman

How do you wire black white wires with blue and brown?

When you come across this combination of mismatched wires, the normal matching is black to brown, white to blue, and green or bare to yellow green. There is often a diagram on the motor that will indicate which wires are hot, neutral, and ground.

What nail color best goes with brown?

A bright, bold turquoise for a splash of color to the neutral brown.

Which is a ground blue or brown?

neither the blue or the brown is ground.... typically the ground is either green or green with a yellow stripe... brown is the hot wire and goes onto the brass screw in the connector...blue goes on the silver colored screw ...and green goes to ground

On a 480V277 volt 3 phase electrical system what is the industry standard for color code for Phase A?

A: Brown B: Orange C: Yellow Neutral: Grey Ground: Green or Green with a yellow stripe.

What is green and red mixed together?

It will make a neutral shade of brown.

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