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I'd keep calling until he told me not to anymore.

2006-07-23 03:55:52
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Why were there pictures being taken of ncis's tony and his girlfriend?

Because sometimes Tony's girlfriend is a criminal. Or maybe they do that for fun.

What does it mean if a girl always stare at you and your girlfriend without smiling?

sometimes meand that she is jealous of your girlfriend because she likes u

What is the conflict of the monkey's paw?

The conflict of The Monkey's Paw is that when Mr. White makes his wishes, he is trying to change his fate, and horrible things happen because of this. The moral of the story is do not try to change your fate.

Why that they has to always make Fireplaces?

Because, there will always be Houses that is too Old for Central Heating, when they keep things Repiared in Houses, Houses will last Forever, sometimes when they takes good enough care with Houses for them to Last Forever, they don't ever remodel them, because sometimes people like their Houses Old Looking, & sometimes People don't have the Money to Remodel their Houses, & if they take things without Paying for it, that is called "Stealing", & they might put them in Jail for that, & Jail is a Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Place.

Is James a horrible name?

Well i wouldn't say the name is horrible because there are many good looking James people out there. But!!!! there is this one guy named James who needs to die at my skool because he knows who i like and is bugging the crap out of me! so sometimes... but not ALL the time you no???

Why Dont Parents Let You Have A Cellphone?

because they are horrible horrible people

What is the main conflict in Little House in the Big Woods?

well it doesn't really have a conflict... but it could be that Laura sometimes felt left out because everyone admired Mary's beauty. :)

How does it feel to have big breasts?

Having big boobs can feel great sometimes, but it can also feel horrible. (They can act as a pillow sometimes.) They may cause some guys to be attracted to you, but not always. BUT, big boobs can horrible, because you get sweaty, and have to get special bras if you want to run, or do other exercise type things.

Why do teachers act so horrible sometimes?

I belive that teachers are somean because the don`t have a good nights slep. Or they dont like his or her class.

How is bullying a conflict?

Bullying is a conflict because it can hurt people, physically and/or emotionally. Sometimes it gets so bad, people commit suicide. And yes, some people are that sensitive, but it hurts.

Why did conflict sometimes occur between the Native Americans and the Spanish missionaries?

Because the Spaniards wanted to convert the Indians to Christianity.

Is this a good sentence The devastation in the room because of the temperature was horrible?

No it is not,but it should say "The devastation in the room was horrible because of the temperature."

Who is in conflict in the play 'Oedipus Rex'?

Oedipus is in conflict in "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, Theban King Oedipus gets into a conflict with Teiresias the blind prophet. He then gets into a conflict with Creon, his brother-in-law and royal colleague. Additionally, he may be said to be in conflict with the gods because he defies a horrible prophecy and twice does not carry out purification procedures that are mandatory with murder.

Does anyone need a girlfriend?

Sometimes, you do need to because it gets real lonely. You need love to be happy in my honest opinion =)

Why do boys have to be mean?

Because they were born that way! They are horrible sometimes but in order to determine what causes them to be mean, I need to know what the boy did! Repose the question saying what he did please!!

Why was Winnie Foster in such a horrible mood in the beginning of Tuck Everlasting?

she was in a horrible mood, because she is not able to be independent, because she is an only child!

What is your most awkward moment?

i was with my friend and his girlfriend at a department store, killing some time. my girlfriend walked in as my friend was helping his girlfriend pick out undies. my friend thought it would be funny to walk away and leave me there looking like i was cheating. my girlfriend saw it, confronted me and i was speechless because i did not know what was going on. she dumped was horrible. she wont even talk to me anymore. haha.

Why your girlfriend doesnt like you to call her?

There are a lot of possible and different reasons why. But one reason might be because you've done something horrible and she just found out about it and now she's really angry.

Is Wilton Maine a horrible place to live?

Wilton, Maine is a horrible place because it could be haunted because of the french and indian war

Who is the author of the horrible hitstories books?

The author is Terry Deary and the illustrator is Martin Brown! I love horrible histories!! Because THERE HORRIBLE HAHAHAAAAAHAHHAH!!!!! From Ankita

Is being half invisible an internal conflict or external conflict?

it is niether because an external is a conflict with others and an internal is a conflict with yourself.

When did Mildret Wirt Benson die?

Mildred Wirt Benson died on May 28, 2002 because of lung canncer. Horrible Horrible Horrible right?

Who is Benni McCarthy's girlfriend because he is divorced?

He does have a girlfriend.

Why do young people in love sometimes experience conflict with their parents?

Some young people sometimes experience conflict with their parents because their parents think that they are to young for love and they don't understand it. For girls, they might cause conflict with their fathers because their father doesn't want to except the fact that their little girl is finally growing up and they don't want another male figure in their life except for them. Sometimes the parents can see (from their life experience) that a relationship is not going to last or will lead to trouble for their offspring and they may try to persuade their child of this.

Why does your body want to cheat while your heart says DON'T?

sometimes because the relationship your in is'nt going right or your bohyfriend or girlfriend is not treating you right