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Skeletons fall out of closets in every family so even when younger you could have heard a conversation about your mother being abused as a child. We think of things differently as children (example: the house we live in looks huge, but many years later when we go back to see that house it looks so small.) Some women that were abused can also be abusive to their children while other mothers go the opposite and are extremely careful not to repeat the chain reaction. I suggest you sit down and have a good talk with your mother and get it out in the open.

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because i was a physically abused and emotionally abused child i was wanting to know the long term effect of it! i was hit in the head with objects, beaten! If anyone knows i would like to hear! thanks!

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It depends if the child itself was or is being abused, they will either forget it or remember it. 80% of children who were abused, still remember being abused. Physical abuse effects children by making them feel slightly depressed, or feel like they have to pretend to be normal. The 80% of children who recall being abused say they never talk about their feelings of their abuse or sadness, and say that they became so depressed, they began to have suicidal thoughts. Physical abuse can effect the child in a different way if its one of the parents being abused. For example, if the mother was being abused, the child would feel as if their mother were weak, or be afraid to talk with the mother. If the father were abusing the mother, the child would be afraid to have any contact with the father.