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Depending on the specs of the motherboard, a motherboard that supports ECC SDRAM may support a non-ECC SDRAM module. If a motherboard can support both types, you would have the option to enable or disable the ECC feature in BIOS. Other than the fact that an ECC module has an odd number of chips, there is no other physical difference on the module. They are keyed the same, unlike buffered and unbuffered SDRAM modules. Because of this fact, a motherboard would not be able to support both buffered and unbuffered modules. The motherboard's memory slots must be configured specifically for the buffered or unbuffered memory module.

- You can substitute non-ECC memory on an ECC board, and the error-checking feature will be shown disabled in CMOS. Go the manufacturers website of your motherboard and check out the specifications on your motherboard. If it does not say unbuffered memory then it will not accept it. Some motherboards accept both in the same port.

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Q: If your motherboard supports ecc sdram memory can you subsitute sdram memory that does not support ecc if your motherboard supports buffered sdram memory can you subsitute unbuffered sdram modules?
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No you cannot the ECS P4VXASD2 supports the following:Two 184-pin 2.5V DDR SDRAM (DDR266/DDR200) Maximum: 2GB DDR or SDRAM (Buffered) / 1GB DDR or SDRAM (Unbuffered)

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Ive just been studying about all the forms of SDRAM etc, and when it came to buffered/registered DRAM I found out that normal PC's usually have upto 4 slots for SDRAM, any more gives producers of motherboards lots of electrical problems. So to solve the problem of systems that require maybe 6, 8 slots, they require special DRAM, such as buffered/registered SDRAM. This SDRAM has a special buffering chip on the address bus added to it to work as an intermediary between SDRAM & North Bridge. To take advantage of buffered SDRAM, the motherboard and brige must be able to support SDRAM. Slots requiring buffered DIMMs are keyed differently then those requiring unbuffered DIMMS so it will be physically not possible to install these DIMMs into the slots short of shaving the key. Electrically, possibly, but you have to remember that the register drives the addressing unit on the DIMM and the bridge will likely not be designed to accomidate the drain required to directly drive the memory chips on the address bus and as such may cause instability if it works at all. In addition there is a single clockcycle delay from when the address is written to the registers to when the address is propigated to the memory, in such timing errors could arrise from a bridge expecting that delay. - you cannot use unbuffered SDRAM on a motherboard that supports buffered memory, because the notches on buffered DIMMS are in different positions than for unbuffered DIMMS.

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