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Yes, of course there's a chance, and I think you already knew that. ovulation is the release of an egg which is the best time.

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Q: If your ovulation period began on May 3-7 and you had intercourse with your partner on May 2-8 is there any chance that you could be pregnant?
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If you have intercourse during your ovulation days what is the percentage of your chance of getting pregnant?

If you're healthy & have unprotected sex during your ovulation days, your chances of getting pregnant are very close to 100%.

Can you get pregnant if you are not on birth control and he pulls out and i am not on my ovulation day?

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can become pregnant after engaging in intercourse ... NO matter what preventive measures you take ...

Chances of pregnancy after ovulation?

Hi There is a high chance of pregnancy if you have intercourse during ovulation. After ovulation ( a day or two) there is a 4% chance.

How high is the chance of pregnancy when you have intercourse on the day of ovulation?


Had intercourse before 4 days of period is it possible to get pregnant?

you have a very small chance because the main time you get pregnant is during ovulation which is the 14th day after your period, usually.

What are the chances of getting pregnant during ovulation if the condom your partner used didnt break?

There is always a slim chance - but by the sounds of it you should be fine.

If you have intercourse 2 days before ovulation will the baby be a girl?

50/50 chance.

Can you get pregnant the next morning after ovulation?

Yes, there is a high chance to get pregnant a day after ovulation. The window of opportunity to conceive begins two days prior to ovulation, ovulation day, and a day after.

Can you get pregnant if you have intercourse right after your menstrual cycle?

yes there is a larger chance you will get pregnant

What is the chance of you getting pregnant during ovulation?

There is a high chance to get pregnant during ovulation because the egg released from the ovary is ready to be fertilized and it can live up to 12 to 24 hours.

What is the percentage of getting pregnant a day after ovulation?

There is a high chance to get pregnant a day after ovulation because the egg which is ready to be fertilized can live 12 to 24 hours. Sperm can also live up to two to three days. There is high chance to get pregnant two days before ovulation, during ovulation and a day after.

What is the chances of bein pregnant when not usin a condom?

It all depends on timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation. If these two events were close together and both people are considered fertile, then the chance is 25%.

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