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If your parents can no longer drive but still own the car should they keep the insurance on it for you to use?


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2015-07-15 19:48:48
2015-07-15 19:48:48

Yes, but they'd need to advise their carrier that you will be driving the vehicle on a regular vehicle. This is particularly true if you live with your parents.

If they don't, it might be considered misrepresentation, which can cause all sorts of coverage problems if you have an accident.


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nothing. i drive and have a permit but my parents pay the insurance. :D

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You should check with your insurance agent how you should carry the insurance on a car not financed in your name. Each of the 50 states in the United States has its own insurance regulations. Each state requires its agents to know the insurance regulations.

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To learn, no. But you need insurance once you become a licensed driver, or you need to be covered under your parents insurance. In most if not all states, it is against the law to drive without insurance.

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You can stop paying car insurance when a) you no longer drive or b) you no longer own a car. You should always have car insurance if you're an active driver because you never know what could happen on the road. Insurance will handle most of your paperwork and deal with repairs, rentals, towing, etc.

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If you have your own. Otherwise it is illegal to drive without insurance...and if you cause an accident and dont have insurance to pay for it you will be in really really big trouble.

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