If your period comes every 28-30 days and your on your 32nd day when should you take pregnancy testwould you have any symptoms this early?

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February 06, 2007 8:00PM

Tests these days are getting so sensitive you can even take certain ones 5 days BEFORE a missed period! Typically by the day you would expect your period you can take almost any at home pregnancy test and there would be enough HCG(the pregnancy hormone) in your body to register. I would suggest taking a home pregnancy test and if it comes out negative wait a week and if there is still no sign of your period take another test (you can buy them in boxes of 2 or three and even more). As far as symptoms go. Some woman never have pregnancy symptoms. It is also possible to have symptoms by now, but typically they start around 5-6 weeks of pregnancy (1-2 weeks after a missed period). Some symptoms you may feel now are: breast tenderness cramps fatigue increased urination unfortunately 3 of these 4 are also symptoms of menstration. And like i said earlier it is also very possible to not have any noticable symptoms yet...or ever!