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If your period only lasted three days when it usually lasts up to five could this be a sign of pregnancy?


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2005-12-26 22:51:07
2005-12-26 22:51:07

Yes it could be a sign of pregnancy.


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You could be, and the one day period could actually be spotting which is common in early pregnancy. Do yourself (and the possible baby) a favor and get a pregnancy test.

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A tubal pregnancy is usually apparent by six weeks.

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This could be nothing hon. Your period cycle may of became irregular and this is what caused your period to be earlier. If you are sexually active, do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.

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Not usually, it could implantation bleeding, take a pregnancy test if you think you are pregnant.

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Anything is possible when it comes to pregnancy and your period cycle. I would suggest taking a pregnancy test just to be sure.

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