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If she is due to kindle within the next few days, leave it alone. If the hutch needs cleaned really bad, by all means clean it. You can try to salvage as much fur, or better yet the whole nest, if it is still clean. Just place what you saved back where it was after you clean. It is better to remove a whole dirty nest than to let her kindle in it as it may lead to disease for the kits.

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Q: If your rabbit is making a nest with her fur do you still clean her hutch?
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How do you get rid of your rabbits smell?

if a rabbit smells, it may have a dirty cage or hutch. All you need is some woodchip and straw or hay and a little bit of disinfectant to clean it. Or if you try cleaning the hutch and the rabbit still smells, take it to the vet. He/she will sort it out.

What do you use to fully disinfect a rabbit hutch?

It is best to go to a pet shop and get a rabbit/animal friendly disinfectant, but you could also use javex, or most other disinfectants but you have to wait until the hutch is COMPLETELY dry until you put the rabbit back in. You can also clean a rabbit hutch with white vinegar. You can sprinkle a bit of baking soda in the places where is still has an unpleasant odor.

How wide is ramp in a rabbit hutch?

At least as wide as your rabbit. It will vary depending on what size rabbit they are and if they are still growing.

What if you put a male rabbit in a females cage will she still have baby bunnies?

if the mating is sound yes she will still have kits but the best way is to put the female in the bucks cage as the smill of the bucks hutch entices her to mate

What if you can only get hay you give cows and it is for you rabbit?

Hay for livestock (cows or rabbits) is still grass that has been mown, dried and either baled, in the case with cattle, or sold in small bags in a pet shop. Hay is used mainly as a bedding in a rabbit hutch, though the rabbit is not adversed to nibbling at the hay - though proper rabbit food and water should be available.

Your rabbit had 6 babys and she is still making strange sounds?

Rabbits can have litters up to a dozen babies.

Dose HUTCH still make Michigan football uniforms?

I don't think Hutch does, but Franklin makes essentially the same thing now.

Can a skinned rabbit regrow his skin?

If it survived the de-skinning process and still had its fat tissue, then it could regrow its skin...except it would be be just scar tissue making a very ugly rabbit.

Do they still make hutch baseball glove?

The trademark of Hutch Cincinnati was trasfferred to the new company which I am working with. It will be a plan to re-build the complete product line very soon. By the way, what kind of Hutch Basball glove are you looking for?

How do you look after a rabbit?

Thinking of getting a rabbit? Read this!A rabbit is a great family pet.You will need ...A HutchHay and straw to nestle inside the hutchRabbit food + vegetables + Dandelions (Rabbits LOVE these)Water bottleA Cage (run) to put out on the lawn in summertimeRabbit RulesIn the hutch, you need to put layers of newspaper in it's bedroom and also hay and straw. In it's living room you can put sawdust in.It's hutch needs to be cleaned and refreshed once a week and you need to check your bunny's water supply every day.Make sure it is warm enough in winter. You can do this by putting extra hay in the hutch so your bunny is nice and cosy.When it is cold, I put my rabbit in the garage in a smaller, different hutch so he is warm.In the summer, in the day I put my rabbit in an outside run (cage) on the grass, and then I put him in his hutch overnight as it is warm (ish).Also, you can give your pet rabbit left overs. You know, the tips of the carrots you chopped off; or the core of the apples you cut. A personal favourite of my rabbit is the core of a nectarine.If you are thinking of getting two rabbits, don't get two males. In exceptional cases, two males may get on. But pretty much all the other times males will fight and can get very aggressive. Two females are usually fine together, and obviously a male and a female will probably get on really well ( but will most definitely have babies ).Make sure you have the time to give your rabbit care and attention. If you don't, your rabbit will probably become scared of you or angry. Still, a rabbit definitely DOES NOT need as much attention as a dog receives, by a mile!Males and females: It doesn't really matter what gender rabbit you get as both types are still gentle animals. I have a male and he is very gentle to me, yet I have been told that female rabbits are usually more shy and gentle.

Is a rabbit without ears still a rabbit?

If the rabbit was born without ears because of a birth defect or if it lost its ears due to injury, then yes, it is still genetically and physically a rabbit.

Rabbit not eating and drinking a lot of water?

Try giving clean timothy hay, bread crust, cheerios if he still won't eat he could be catching mucoid enteritis or something similar. Take to a vet to save rabbit.

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