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I wouldn't rely on a rise in temperature as being a indication of Ovulation or conception taking place as temperatures rise for a variety of reasons & don't always rise during Ovulation or conception.

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What are the main benefits of elevated rate of luteinizing hormone in the body?

It is a hormone released by the pituitary gland and increased the elevated rate of the human body. It's elevated rate is used to increase the effects of ovulation and tends to increase the speed while also having ovulation induction.

What are an elevated temperature?


What are elevated Basal body temperature?

During your menstrual cycle, an elevated basal body temperature indicates that you have entered your luteal phase. This means that you have ovulated and moved on from the folicular phase. During the first part of your cycle, your body produced estrogen which lowers the basal body temperature. Once ovulation occurs, the body begins to produce progesterone, which causes basal body temperature to rise slowly until your period comes. Throughout your cycle, your temperature should rise and fall, but it is considered an elevation when the temperature rise above a cover line and stays elevated above it.

Is 36.3 to low to be pregnant?

It depends on how many days after ovulation your temperature is 36.3. If it is early then you can still be pregnant. And if your normal temperatures are low and it stays elevated even after missed your period then again you can be pregnant.

Is it possible that you are pregnant if your bbt temperatures are quite low after ovulation?

No, it is more likely that you did not ovulate in this cycle. The bbt drops just before ovulation then rises and remains elevated until either your period comes when it drops again, or it remains elevated because you are pregnant.

Is a slight fever seven days after ovulation a sign of pregnancy?

No, a fever is not a sign of pregnancy. You would have no signs of pregnancy a week after ovulation as the fertilised ovum will not yet be producing any hormones. Hello there. Some women do notice a high body temperature during the early stages of pregnancy. However a high temperature is not a indication that conception has taken place. A high temperature can mean anything from a viral infection, to approaching period or ovulation. Body temperatures do increase during the evening time. Also you wont be experiencing any pregnancy symptoms and your body wont realise it is indeed pregnant till the Embryo has implanted itself in your Uterus. The Embryo usually implants around 6 - 12 days after having unprotected sex. I heard that if your body temp is elevated for 18 days after ovulation using the basal body temperature method that is a good sign of being pregnant.

Is body temperature elevated or decreased with vasoconstriction?

the temperature is elavated by 67%

What has the author W F Simmons written?

W. F. Simmons has written: 'Report on the elevated-temperature properties of chromium-molybdenum steels' 'Report on elevated-temperature properties of chromium steels' 'Report on the elevated-temperature properties of stainless steel'

Will your temperature be high during pregnancy?

yes, your temperature is usually slightly elevated.

Does elevation of blood glucose elevate your temperature?

No, elevated blood glucose with have no effect on temperature.

What is a temperature to have in early pregnancy?

It is normal for temperature in all stages of pregnancy to be elevated up to or about a degree from your normal temperature.

Can fever affect temperature of urine?

Yes, the urine will be near the temperature of the blood and if you have a fever your blood temperature is elevated.

Why is the temperature of air taken in shade?

To measure true air temperature, not an elevated temperature from direct solar heating.

What does elevated temp mean?

raised temperature or raised temperarely

What responds to elevated body temperature?

eccrine sweat gland

What part of the skin responds to elevated body temperature?

The Nose.

How high the boiling point can be elevated depends on the?

Depending on if it Is liquid and temperature

Does having irregular periods mean that your time of ovulation will also be irregular and hard to predict?

You ovulate about two weeks before your period, so yes, your ovulation will be off too. There are test strips you can get at most any drug store that will tell you if you are ovulating. I assume the work very similar to a pregnancy test. Yes. Also, you can track your basal body temperature to see when it is elevated. Most drustores carry these thermometers along with the ovulation kits to help you to know when you are ovulating.

May pregnancy come with a slight rise in body temperature?

during the luteal phase of your cycle (after ovulation) your temp rises slightly unless you have your period. it is said that if your temp remains elevated for 18 consecutive days after the day you ovulate, you are probably pregnant. hope this helps

What can cause a temperature to be elevated?

The body believes that there is something to fight;so it raises the temperature, to kill off the offenders.

Is ammonium chloride a solid at room temperature?

Yes, it is a crystallic soli, though not very stable at elevated temperature

How do you know the exact day of ovulation if you have 29 day cycle and you have the fertile mucus for days and on day 15 a temperature dip but the next day it is still down do you ovulate on day 15?

Most women ovulate 10-16 days after the first day of their last menses. The body temp. generally rises 0.5 - 1.0 dgrees at the time of ovulation and stays elevated if you become pregnant.

Does dogs has fever?

Yes. A dog's nose will be warm to the touch if its temperature is elevated.

What is a response to a bacterial infection?

Sanguinous drainage, elevated temperature, redness, increased pain

What is the fastest way to cool someone with an elevated temperature?

Cool someone down with an elevated temperature by removing as much clothing as possible and draping with a sheet. Use a cool washcloth to wipe the face and limbs allowing the body to cool down.