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Q: If your test was 10 questions and you got 8 right What is your score?
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What is your score on a test if you get 8 out of 73 wrong?

To figure out your score on a test, you just have to divide the number of answers you got right by the number of total questions there were. In this case, 65 divided by 73= .89 or 89%.

80 questions on a test I got 14 questions wrong. What's the test score?

80-14=6666/80=0.825 =82.5%

If you got 21 questions incorrect on an 85 question exam what is the test score?


If you missed 7 questions on a test and made 83 percent on the test how many questions where there?

41 questions (if you got 83 percent, then that means you got 34 questions right)

How do you find the percent of a score?

You divide the number of questions you got right by the number of questions there are then multiply the answer by 100.

A test had 150 questions and got 92 percentage right how many questions did he answer correctly?

138 questions right and 12 questions wrong

There are 80 questions on a test you got 14 wrong What is the test score?

80-14=6666/80=0.825 =82.5%

Out of 104 questions you got 84 right did you pas?

depends. what's a passing score?

25 questions you get 14 out of 25 what is your score?

If you got 14 out 25 questions right you should get a 40. This is a low grade.

What is your grade if you got 12 out of 47 questions wrong?

Your score on a test is based on the number of questions answered correctly, so the score is 35/47 = about 75%. The letter grade for that score is completely the teacher's decision.

What is the percentage if a test had 150 questions and got 83 right?

It would be a 55%

What if you miss 13 questions out of 50 questions in a test?

Well, assuming you got ALL the rest of the questions correct, (unlikely) - the most you could score would be 74%.

If you took a test with 150 questions and got 116 right what percentage did you get right?

77 and 1/3%

What would be your score if you got 20 questions right out of 35?

If scoring is out of 100pts.... 20/35= 57

There's 70 questions on a test and you miss 14 what is the score?

80% Missing 14 questions out of 70 means that you got 56 correct. 56 out of 70 questions is 80%.

If Tom got 70 percent of the questions correct on a music test if he got 7 questions correct how many questions were on the test?

10 questions

How do you calculate the amount of right answers i got on a test when i got a 78 on a 65 questions test?

You multiply .78 times the amount of questions on the test (65). Which works out to 50.7, so either your teacher rounded or you got partial credit on a problem/ problems.

What is the percentage if a test had 43 questions and you got 32 right?

You scored 74.4% and we're hoping it wasn't a math test.

If a test had 150 questions and you got 92 percent how many did you get right?

138 answered correctly.

You got 90 on a test that has exactly 40 questions how many questions did you get wrong?

A test score of "90" represents the percentage of correct questions. Multiply this percentage by the total number of questions and you will have the number of questions correctly answered. Subtract this from the total to find answers wrong. 90% of 40 questions = .90 x 40 = 36 questions right. 40-36 = 4 answers wrong.

What if you took a test of 80 questions and got a 77 how many did you get wrong?

Presumably you mean 77%? You got 61 right.

If you got a score of 90 on your second test and it was 42 more points than half your score on your first test what was your score on your first test?


How many questions where right if you got 95 and there where 40 questions?

You got 38 right.

What percentage is 21 missed from test of 75 questions?

You passed. You got like 54 questions right that's over 50%

What is the score needed to pass your learners test?

i have just got my learners and got 84% on my test :)