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My boy is 4 and still begs for milk. I break it up by offering him water in between the milk. Also distract him with healthy snacks and other activities.


FOR EVERY cup of milk you give him, give him a cup of water. Also try naturalfruit juices that aren't full of added sugar. If he/her is truly thirsty,they will adjust to water and juice between drinks of milk. Be firm, push the water. They may resist at first, just be firm. Before they dehydrate, they will drink water. GOOD LUCK! ADR


You got some good advice, but what you also can do is make little popcicles from fruit juice and when he wants milk, give him a popcicle. This way he is getting something so he won't become dehydrated. You should do as the above posters said and get him use to water as it's amazing how many children are brought up on milk, juices and pops. Water is pure and good for the kidneys. My mom brought my brother and I up on water when we were babies. We got milk, then water with a little honey in it and then straight water.

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Q: If your two and a half year old is a milk addict who constantly begs for it despite your strong refusals how do you get him to stop and drink or eat other things?
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