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No. However in most cases a child support order can be filed once paternity has been established and said order will become retroactive once the minor reaches the state's legal age of majority.

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Q: If your underage son fathers a child can they come after you for child support?
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Can child support take a entire pay check?


Are you responsible for past due child support when you come out of jail and the child is over 18?

Yes. There is no statute of limitations on past-due child support.

How do you come up with a non child support payment reason?

The only reason to not pay child support is if you are not the biological or adoptive parent. You must provide proof to the court that ordered the child support.

Can child support come from inheritance in Florida?

Child support can be taken from any and all available income sources, to include inheritance.

Can someone come after you for child support for a one night stand?

If the child is definitely yours, then certainly.

Can you get unemployment if you pay child support?

It all depends on whether you meet the qualifications for unemployment. What you use the money for, including child support, doesn't come into it.

What is the out come if you filed for divorce in Florida your spouse still lives in live in NY Child is 18 college bound you receive child support from NY how will your divorce affect the child suppor?

A divorce does not effect child support. Also, usually child support stops when the child turns 18.

How do i submit a form for back pay child support if im the child but grew up?

Most states do not allow a child to collect back support as an adult. Although the right to child support belongs to the child, support is payable to the custodial parent to assist in the care and upbringing of that child. If the custodial parent did not receive that support, then she (or he) made contributions that should have come from the other parent, and the right to collect the back support belongs to her.

Can a parent force an underage child to give up baby for adoption?

If a child is underage, there are ways a parent/guardian can force their child to arrange an adoption. However, it is always better to compromise and negotiate with children, even if they are not responsible enough to make that kind of decision, they are entitled to be educated and warned of the possible outcomes and hardships that come with raising their own children. Parents/Gaurdians who want this for your child, make sure that you approach it with love and support while keeping firm on the options that you give. As parent you don't want to make a child resent you. And I'm sure that you can understand how hard it would be to give up a child. Legally though you can not force your child to give up the custody. They are the guardian of their child and not you, no matter how old they are.

Can welfare come after you for child support if no DNA was proven just on the woman word?

In order to pay child support there have to be proof you are the father so a DNA test is taken.

If you have child support warrants and move to Florida can they come get you or garnish your check?


What amount do you have to pay to an ex spouse for child support when you receive inheritance?

You have to pay the amount of child support ordered by the courts. The only way your inheritance might come into play is if your ex decides to take you back to court to get more child support.

How do you find out if someone owes child support?

That information would need to come directly from the parties involved or someone with knowledge who is willing to come forth. Child support and custodial issues are not a matter of public record as they relate to minors.

Does a custodial parent have to pay child support if a child moves out?

Parental judgement of whether the child is still under his care would come into play here. However, if it were me, if the child is old enough to move out, they are old enough to support him/herself.

Can child support be waived if requested by parent with custody?

Yes. If the parent ever need financial help from the state, they will come after child support from the non-custodial parent first.

What happens if your child is driving a friends car without permission and is involved in a car accident and your child does not have car insurance?

If your child has a license the insurance on the car will probably cover it. The company can take the position that they were not supposed to be driving it and are not covered in which case it would come back to you because the child is underage.

What comes out first back taxes or back child support?

The revenuers come first.

Will Owed back child support come out of fed or state check?

yes and yes

Can child support come in child name?

It can be requested that the child or a neutral party be named the payee of child support but will likely only be granted if it can be proven that there is a very good reason, such as the child does not actaully reside with the custodial parent, or the custodial parent is neglecting to pay for the child's care

When the mother of a child gets married to another man does the biological father still pay child support?

Yes. they are still supposed to pay child support unless two parents come upon a different legal agreement.

Do you still have to pay back child support to the other parent if the child decides to come live with you?

The child can not decide this on their own until they are 18. And yes, you owe money and they have to be paid. If both parents agree and let the child move, the former custodial parent have to pay child support to you.

What do you do if child stay with you and you paying child support?

If both of the child and other parent are living with you then you can indeed NOT pay child support, but that decision has to come from the Judge. You have the support somehow, and with child living with you and you proving clothing, food, etc to child child then you are doing your part. You need to provide evidence of what you spend to support the child, such as receipts, etc, and also provide evidence that child lives with you, such as video tapes, pictures of child bedroom. If the other parent just left the child with you and took off, then you could file for legal custody, on the basis of child abandonment. You can file both petition at your local family court (Termination of child support, full custody).

Can an 18 year old absolve child support?

different states have different laws and mostly when a person reaches the age of 18 the child support will come to an end as he or she will be a major in the eyes of law.

How come the courts are accepting a lesser amount of child support from a female then if it was a male parent?

In general, child support is a percentage of net income. The law does not distinguish between male and female obligors.

Does orthodontic come under dental in child support?

Generally no, it fully depends on the wording in the order.