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In some states if YOU are legally married and have kids, and the wife/husband cheat, and YOU have "PROOF" Of the affair. You will MOST likely get custody and the house. Custody are a whole different topic If the Judge sees that the child will be better taken care of financially, physically and emotionally the children will go to whoever is best fit. The children don't get Custody just because youe EX or ex-family works with the government. that is poor excuse of any person. Just so you know if ANY parent lost custody its because they are unfit at the time.... enough said.AnswerJust because your wife cheated on you doesn't mean you'll get custody. The person who gets custody is the person the judge feels that the child's best interests are going to be with...unless you're like me and your ex's family is very involved with the government in your town so he gets custody even though he pointed a gun in his mouth in front of me and the baby and the only thing against me was I had a boyfriend and I have a myspace page....anyways. Good luck with that.
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Q: If your wife cheats who is likely to get house and 3 kids when 1 is hers from her first marriage?
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