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no we and you wont

2010-11-28 21:02:49
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Are zombies real and why?

Zombies aren't Real if their was a zombie you would see lots of stuff on the news about zombies but for now zombies aren't real zombies are probley real on games or movies or cartoons but they aren't real im not joking their not real so dont worry about zombies because they are not real!

Are zombies coming in the future?

Will zombies do exist because when your died that means that your a zombie but if u mean like if there alive then there not real.

What happens when zombies bite you?

Zombies do not exist, therefore it is unknown what effects an alive-corpse's bite would have on you.

If zombies are stupid then how come the one's I have spoken to are smarter than the average human?

There are no such things as zombies. But if there were, they would be smarter than us because since they are dead they probably remembered things from when the were alive and had a better education than you. But i'm pretty sure you didn't talk to any zombies. :)

Where there zombies?

There are no zombies. Zombies are fiction.

Is zombia is real?

Zombies? No, Zombies aren't real...

What about zombies?

Zombies are people that use to be alive but they are the undead.

Is nazi zombies real?

the game is real but the zombies are false and true. There are zombies in real life made by vodo

How are zombies made?

zombies are not real sorry if you think they are real

How would you make a zombie?

Zombies are not real, dipweed. Get a life.

When will the Zombies atack?

Zombies Is Not Real

Where are real zombies located?

Real "zombies" may be found in Haiti.

Are zombies real like on left 4 dead?

zombies are not real

Are zombies real or fake?

Zombies are fake.

How do zombies form?

Zombies aren't real.

How do you find real zombies?

are you kidding there are no real zombies its impossible as of 2011 anyways

What do zombies smell like?

☺no one would know what exactly zombies would smell like. zombies are not real and would never, EVER, be real. they are just part of a story teens and adults make up to scare some kids into wetting their beds a little at night.☺

Do you believe in zombies?

Well zombies are not true or real, But would be possible that zombies could exist from nuclear accidents or unknown hazardous things from places not know to man

Do zombies plan where they go?

Zombies usually go to places of significances to them. when they where alive

Are zombies real in the old days?

Zombies were never real, they are made up for stories.

Will zombies ever be real?

Zombies are pure fiction.

Did Hitler make zombies?

No, ZOMBIES arnt real!

What can zombies do?

nothing because zombies aren't real

Are there going to be zombies coming?

Zombies are not real. So no

How slow are zombies?

Zombies aren't real, so no one knows how slow they are. zombies are real liers, they are slow but if they smell you they can run