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Usually the closer you get to the second tri you will start to feel better because your hormones are starting to level off. Enjoy it, I am 9 weeks and am losing weight because all I do is vomit, I can't wait until the second tri!

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Q: Im 11 weeks pregnant but dont know if i feel pregnant is this possible?
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Can you feel the baby kicking at 15 weeks pregnant?

it is possible but most women that are pregnant for their first time dont experience kicks until their 20th week but it is possible to feel them kick at that low of a week

Is it possible to feel fluttering at 2-4 weeks pregnant?


7 weeks pregnant would it be possible to feel the baby move?

no, the earliest is 9 weeks

Im 9 weeks pregnant but dont feel pregnant anymore is this possible?

It is possible not to feel that way. As long as you do not experience any bleeding of any sort then you should be fine. You may not "feel" pregnant anymore if your symptoms are going away or you may just be getting used to the feelings/symptoms of being pregnant and are not as noticeable to you anymore.

Is it possible to feel a lump in your stomach at 4 weeks pregnant?

Your stomach has nothing to do with pregnancy

I feel sick but don't know if I am pregnant?

dont worry im about 4 weeks take a pregnancy test

If pregnant how soon can you feel your uterus if you push can you feel it at 7 weeks?

I can feel mine at 7 weeks.

What do you feel like when you are pregnant but dont know you are pregnant.?

The same as you always feel.

Can you feel the baby at 3 weeks pregnant?


Can you feel the baby at 5 weeks pregnant?


How do you feel when 3 weeks pregnant?

Urmmm. You probably feel light headed... Sickk doesnt mean throwing up just dont feel all to good.. Have you taken the test?

Can you feel your uterus at 8 weeks pregnant?

Usually you can feel it above your pelvic bone around 14 weeks.

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