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im also 12 and 5ft 8 but i weight 7 1/2 stone with a bmi of 15.3 , however i am underweight. your Bmi is 19.2 which is a healthy weight, so no you are not fat.

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How do you write a birthday letter to a friend?

write what you feel.

How do you write a mood poem?

write how you feel in a poem

How does weight and upthrust compare in size?

Upthrust cancels weight out, weight is there but you do not feel it.

What is weight how does it feel and how do you feel it?

Well weight is the amount of earths gravity pulling down on an object and it can feel heavy or lite and you feel it by picking the object up or pushing or pulling it

What should I write on my friend's 21st birthday card?

Write from your heart! I'm sure you feel a deep feeling for this person so write what you feel!

Chemical properties of solids liquids and gases?

Solids have a definite shape, feel, and weight, Liquids have a definite feel and weight but no definite shape, and gasses do not have a definite weight or shape.

How do you write a letter about you are depressed?

Write exactly how you feel or use poetry.

How do you write feel as an action verb?

This Is How You Write ''Feel'' As An Action Verb: I Felt it. So Use Felt To Assume Its An Action Verb

Is it okay for a Christian to write a secular book?

If you feel lead to write the book then write it. Once you have prayed about it and feel comfortable about it and it is true in your heart you will do fine. I look forward to reading it.

What do you feel when you hold and object against the pull of gravity?

You feel the object's "weight".

Why do you not feel the weight of the atmosphere?

You can not feel the weight of the air pressing on your body because it's balanced by the same amount of pressure inside your body.

What should you write an essay on if it has to be about expressions of art?

Write about how you feel in art write about what you do remember express your feelings.

If you gain weight does your vagina feel loose?


Do critics write how they feel about a play?


How do you spell feel?

you know you just said it "Feel." feel - felt - felt as in : write - wrote - written or : ride - rode - ridden

How do you write feel as a verb in a sentence?

A verb is the action in the sentance. I will feel the pain in the morning.

What kind of books does Michael Morpurgo write?

write war book about how people feel

How do you write letter to mother?

you write sweetly and nicely to make her feel warm and happy

What is the normal weight of a 58 year old?

It depends on your gender and height. But anyway if you feel insecure about your weight you should do something about it. Like if you feel underweight you can eat a bit more (not too much or any bad foods) or if you feel overweight try and loose some weight

Why do gloomy people always write merry things?

They write merry things because it makes them feel better! So if you were gloomy then you wouldn't want to feel like that, so you write something merry.

How do you write a happy poem when you usually write depressing?

Think about the times when you are happy, even if they're brief. Think about how you feel then and what makes you feel that way, then go from there.

How do emo people write?

Emo people write what comes from the heart. They write how they feel inside and then they wish)can turn it into poetry.

How do you write good job description?

desribe all the senses you feel .what you smell what you feel etc

How do you write a great love song for your girlfriend?

Write what you feel about her! Say that you love her with all your heart!

How do you write a diary about evacuation?

In the evacuation diary we need to write that:What happened in evacuation?How do you feel?What did you see?