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HEY! Look're 13. You might want to be pregnant but it is not a good idea. Kids are forever. You haven't even had the chance to grow up yet! Don't you want to go to prom, do things by yourself, get a full night's sleep, go out with your friends, have money to spend on what you want, ever again? Kids change your entire life and no 13 year old is ready for that. Most 23 year olds aren't ready for that. I urge you to look into why you want a baby so badly and address the issue rather than "fixing" it by bringing another person into this world. You'd be surprised at what other solutions might work: volunteering at a local animal shelter or crisis pregnancy center, working in a daycare or afterschool program, anything like that. Try those things first. PLEASE reconsider your decision to have a baby.

hey hun im 15 ok and yup iv had sex big mistake darling ur 13 cmon you wont a baby u want to ruin ur education and ur teenage life and ur body, iv been where you are bays are gorgous butyeah no not at 13 its a silly idea isn't there other things you would raher do that you wont be able to do if u have a kid

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why is a 13 year old tring to get pregnant?

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Q: Im 13 and desperatley want to be pregnant how can you improve your chances of getting pregnant?
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